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  1. Things For Which I Have No Answer

    Things For Which I Have No Answer


    The older the four quills get, the more questions I encounter for which I have no answer. Here are a few examples:


    As I was leaving the dinner table to go have a cocktail with my friend, I informed my family that I won’t be out late with the comment, “I’ll be home early, I’m an old fuddy duddy, much to the chagrin of my friend who would most likely prefer to go clubbing into the wee hours.”


    “But you’re our old fuddy duddy, Mom” chimed in the 18 year old. Somehow that made me feel good, I have no answer for that.


    People invest in an animal, feed and water the animal, pay for its care, but then take it out on a 10 ft leash, on the local bike paths where cyclist speeds routinely top 25 mph, A dog encountering a bike seldom yields a decent ending. I have no answer for that.


    “Mom, if we clean the kitchen and the living room, can we rent Up? We really want to cry so we want to rent Up.” Hmmmm, “sure” was the best I could muster for that one, at least I get to come home to a clean kitchen.


    I spent 3 hours at the DMV with the 2nd quill acquiring a learner’s permit. There were 80-100 people in line, of which at least half were newly minted drivers with their moms, and 2 staff people methodically filling numbers. At AAA, where they are paid by the transaction, staff is proportionate to demand and the wait is rarely over 10 minutes. The answer is intuitive here. The question remains. Curiously, I was overcome with cravings for junk food this past 24 hours. Is Teen Angst truly that contagious?


    I feel particularly generous towards the curbside solicitors that are out-of-work contractors in our area. Mr. PQ was a painting contractor right up until the economy tanked. He looks far more settled and satisfied in our little shop in North Minneapolis, with our wonderful

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  2. Dry Case for iPhone

    Dry Case for iPhone


    “Hey Mom, what’s this?” queried the older son as he plopped down in the front seat. “It’s my new running
    armband for my iPhone.”
    “How’s it work?” My amazingly tactile son is now pulling the valves and twisting the closure buttons of my waterproof Dry Case produced by Dry Corp LLC. In between stoplights I explained to him how to open the enclosure, slide your iPhone inside and siphon the air out. Of course the handy pump provided by Dry Case was in the back of the van, so he substituted by sucking the air out with his mouth. Hmmm.


    So, let the product testing begin. I give it an A+ on functionality. The iPhone touch screen is fully accessible inside the case. My concern with bulk was non-founded as I didn’t notice the extra weight on my arm at all. There is no chance that I will test its water proof guarantee with my own iPhone, rather, I’ll use one of our warehouse broken units first. It performed admirably in today’s downpour during my 7 milenature center run. Being as the two middles are undertaking the sport of running, I have no doubt the case will be well tested before we decide to introduce it to our loyal customers.


    A little side bar, the kids who interrupted me multiple times tonight to celebrate this longest day in the yard, to implore me to come look at the awesome double rainbow, and scream for my help in getting the dog back in the yard are more than willing to test other products, so go ahead and let your ideas flow! If it can survive our household, it’s pretty much indestructible.

    - Mrs. PQ

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  3. WWDC 12

    WWDC 12


    Apple’s annual WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) kicked off this week with big announcements regarding new software and hardware. All of us at PQ were very excited as one of those product lines we wrap in a gorgeous handmade cover, The Cartella case for Macbook Air.


    As expected, Apple gave a very in-depth preview of new features coming to iOS 6 which runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. They also previewed the upcoming operating system for the Mac computers, Snow Leopard. The software discussion was all prefaced by the big hardware announcements: the new standard MacBook Pro, MacBook Air (sweet!) and the gorgeous new Retina Display MacBook Pro. What a sweet piece of machinery. I was able to play with one this week at a local Apple store. It is amazingly light for such a large foot print laptop and the screen! Think gigantic iPad 3 screen! It’s awesome. We are all looking forward to seeing how the Retina displays make themselves into more of Apple’s products in the years to come, especially the MacBook Air.


    We have confirmed, the new 2012 MacBook Air 11 and 13 inch models fit PERFECT in our Cartella case. It’s hard to improve the design of this laptop, but placing it in a PQ case this classy and functional seems to add to the Air’s luster. Check out our handmade Cartella cases and enjoy the coupon code for a discount on your next order!


    Thanks for reading,


    -Mr. PQ


    (long suffering hardware purchaser)


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  4. Dad’s a Hero

    Dad’s a Hero

    I saw a truck the other day that advertised “Husband for Hire”. I took down the number.  Not because I’m looking to replace Mr. PQ any time soon, but because with all of the rigors of overseeing a new company and small business, there are a few hundred tasks around the household that have been put on delay. With the exception of a backed up sewer line, most of those tasks can be stayed for the time being with little impact on the household in general. This all got me thinking of the other “for hires” I’d like access to, such as “dog for hire” because while Ari the P&Q mascot is a noble beast, she’s basically good for about a mile walk before she prostrates herself in protest and you have to carry her. “Run me to rugby practice for hire” because the oldest Quill relinquished that post last week in pursuit of senior and new job responsibilities. “Massage my neck and shoulders at a moment’s notice, for hire” would be nice, and perhaps, finally, “clean the floor around the boys toilet for hire” would round out my day.


    I did not include “clean out the wicked stench of rotting potatoes that were forgotten in the cupboard that turns into a sauna on the first hot day of spring for hire” because Mr. PQ took care of that one. “Dad’s a hero!” exclaimed the youngest Quill, which fairly well summarizes why you would never see a truck with “Dad’s for hire” emblazoned on the side. Simply put, a Dad just needs to be there, for rotten potatoes and spiders on the ceiling, ball tag in the street and dinner at 6. The list is endless, as are our thanks to all the Dads that take the time raise our next great generation.


    With Father’s Day approaching, dozens of circulars are dropping into my email enticing me with great gift ideas and things to do to celebrate the Pater Familia. We at Pad &

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