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  1. A Mother's Day Note from Mrs. PQ

    A Mother's Day Note from Mrs. PQ


    A Mother’s Day Note from Mrs. PQ (Editorial note: Or to-do list for Mr.PQ)
    Mother’s Day is approaching and what mom wouldn’t love a new Kindle or iPad 3? Whether you choose the basics of the Kindle Family or give the gift of surfing the web with the Kindle Fire or Apple iPad 3, Mom’s bound to be pleased with the easy portability of her new technology (unless she’s really in to trail running and actually wants a pair of Salomon S-Lab Running Gaiters to keep those pesky rocks and pebbles out of her shoes). Of course, if you do buy an Apple iPad 3 or Amazon Kindle for Mom, you will want to purchase a handmade PQ bookbindery case to protect her new device.


    At Pad and Quill, we’ve been making the case for books for almost two years now, so we know our customers love the quality leather, precision craftsmanship and stealthy book like appearance of our Octavo and Contega cases for iPad 2 and 3, Little Black Books for iPhone 4 and our full line of Kindle cases like the Kindle Firekeeper and Kindle MiniKeeper. We are pretty sure your mom would love one too (in the event she doesn’t want a Fuel Belt Hydration 4 Bottle Belt).


    Your mom loves getting out in nature too? An iPad 3 is a great way to minimize the bulk of maps, books and journals, as well as save a few trees. A Pad and Quill Graduate Edition case for iPad 3 will allow her to protect her gift while adding a mere 11 oz overall weight. Of course a Snow Peak Titanium Multi Compact Cook Set will also help shave weight, but that would

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  2. The Luxury of Genuine Leather

    The Luxury of Genuine Leather


    The Octavo Luxury cases for iPad 3 and Little Luxury Books for iPhone 4/4S are shipping this week. The first batch arrived at our shipping department here on Tuesday. I could hear from the shipping area exclamations like "wow, that's amazing", "whoa", and "these are unbelievable!" Yeah I'm fairly certain that if our own team is freaking out, we have a win on our hands.


    We are so excited to bring these to our customers. These iPad and iPhone cases are crafted with very soft, stitched genuine leather and lined with deep earth tone traditional bookbindery cloth. Each one has a unique pattern and texture that can only be found in premium genuine leather. The iPad sits in a Russian Baltic birch frame that was given extra coats of satin lacquer finish to produce a furniture-like finish on all the wood. Of course the iPad case features our new Sure Lock bumper system that keeps the iPad nestled quite nicely. We are now looking at even more genuine leather designs and other product lines for later this year! Think Contega iPad cases, covers for Kindle, MacBook Air cases and more :)


    Our goal, as always, is to provide the most premium handmade cases on the market. With the Octavo Luxury case and Little Luxury Book we feel that we have achieved that objective.


    Happy Spring!


    Mr. and Mrs. PQ

    (Brian and Kari)



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