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  1. Not get what you want?

    Not get what you want?

    That Bejeweled Pink iPad case not quite the gift you were looking for?  Taking time to listen is a great gift we can give to one another, and our wonderful employees are here all week to soothe your post holiday giftee angst.  Feel free to spend that money grandma gave you on a Little Black Book for your iPhone 4 or an artisan quality Kindle Keeper to make those winter reads complete.


    I spent the bulk of the day yesterday closing out the Pad and Quill books.  Don’t worry, we aren’t closing down shop for the week, you can still buy that gorgeous book bindery case you want for your iPad and MacBook Air. However, this weekend there are football games to watch, 10K’s to run and dark, murky holes in the ice to jump through.  Not to mention our trusty employee Karl is gigging with his ELO cover band at Lee’s Liquor on New Year’s Eve.  Thanks to our customers, there are a lot of books to close, so I’ve been busy.  By afternoon, the Quills were feeling an antsy need to burn off some of that Holiday sugar, so the middles set off for the mall and the Little went with me to the gym.  90 minutes of spinning and shooting hoops works up an appetite, so off to Chipotle.  About two thirds of the way through his burrito the Little looked at me and queried, “Mom, exactly how much have you told me about puberty?  What are you leaving out?”  Well, I didn’t quite see that one coming.  Kind of like

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  2. Only an April Fool’s Joke Could Be This Good

    Only an April Fool’s Joke Could Be This Good

    We are not above succumbing to crazy viral ideas.  Heck, that’s kind of our thing here at Pad and Quill.  That is why our recent purchase of the iCADE was a business “research” decision.  Yeah, that’s what it was.


    On April 1st of 2010, came out with a video about the main reason you should buy an you could put it into an iCADE cabinet.  This iPad cabinet is designed to look like an 80’s style retro arcade console and fits quite nicely on the corner of your desk.  The whole production video was shot and uploaded to YouTube as practical joke.  The $500-$900 iPad surely had better uses than sitting in this silly cabinet.


    Enter great idea (stumbled upon) and viral marketing and before ThinkGeek knew what had happened they were getting thousands of requests to make the iCADE reality.  One year later, with the pressure of the masses at full throttle, they were able to get technology and manufacturing partners on board.  Pre-orders on the iCADE for iPad and iPad 2 began and eventually became BACKORDERED.  Atari, the first name in old school video games joined them to release to the App Store an entire suite of old Atari gaming classics including:  Asteroids, Space Invaders, Missile Command and 97 more!  There is now an API for App developers so their games can work with the iCADE.


    All we know is that when you pop the iPad 2 out of an Octavo case and gently place into the iCADE cabinet, your world changes.  The big red joystick, just like the old arcade, feels perfect in your hand and the array of extra large buttons give the exact feel of the 80’s.  You can almost hear Journey and Styx in the background of your mind as you play.

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  3. Pieces


    I swept the PQ household floor this morning and scooped up a piece from a toy from Christmas past.  A small remnant from the days when the Quills were small and the toys were real, interactive and imaginative.  A missing piece was easily replaced by imagination.  Fast forward to Christmas present when “Mom, have you seen the iPad?” is answered in solace of my mind with “yes, it’s where I hid it last” and out loud with “where have you looked? Can’t find it, too bad, go outside and play in the snow.”  That’s the beauty of stories and memories.  Pieces are lost, details fade, but imagination can fill in the details.  Stories have permanence and a fluidity; they anchor us to our past while setting us free to explore our future.


    The littlest Quill just finished the wonderful story Number the Stars recounting a Dutch family’s part in resisting Nazi occupation and saving their Jewish neighbors.   Coincidentally, his long lost Lego replacements arrived in the mail and he could once again construct and deconstruct the world.  While he had made due without the parts for weeks prior, improvising along the way, there was one essential part needed for building his Technic set.  As he danced around the living room in excitement upon the package’s arrival, he paused momentarily when he noticed they had been shipped from Holland.  “That’s where Number the Stars happened.”  Lego building commenced, and I smiled to myself when I overheard a Lego man being instructed to “hide here where the soldiers won’t find you”.  One piece connecting him to the past and informing him on a future where he has learned to sacrifice himself for the good of others.


    What are your family stories that connect you to the past?


    -Mrs. PQ


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  4. Procrastination Works

    Procrastination Works

    Well it does.  I mean, every time this technique is employed I generally feel fine.  That is not exactly how Mrs. PQ sees this.  As I mentioned in a post earlier, she is not one to mess around with the Holidays.  All gifts are ordered weeks ahead of time and even the fake names that are given to our children's presents, keeping them guessing as to which present is theirs, are executed far in advance.  Yet, that sinking feeling that there is only X amount of hours left in holiday shopping usually hits me around the 22nd of December.  That “feeling fine” attitude suddenly changes into slight, but controlled panic.


    Mapping out the Target and mall parking strategies are engaged, overnight shipping options are considered and present acquisition is completed.  I've never failed to come up with something, although you might want to ask the little Quills how I've done.  I mean snuggle blankets are practical aren't they and a lot cheaper than iPads and iPods?  At least I know I have a hot lead on “five finger” discounts on iPad cases this year.  Maybe next year I'll plan...


    What about you?  More the Mrs. PQ or Mr. PQ and what are the top 3 things that you procrastinate about?  Well if you’re in the market for a great handmade case for iPads, Kindles or other cool devices this year, we have you “covered”.  All orders in by the 20th at Noon (CST) will be delivered by the 24th through priority shipping!  I think that makes us enablers and we’re ok with that.


    Mr. PQ

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  5. Making the Case for Books

    Making the Case for Books

    When Mrs. PQ and I began Pad and Quill, we set out to create beautiful iPad and iPhone cases that were hand made, locally bound works of art.  What we did not understand was the state of modern day bookbinding.  We knew that the digital age was eroding the  bookbinding and presentation markets, just not the scope.


    From books for schools to presentation materials, the binding tradition has suffered from the unique and powerful tools that make digital presentations.  A few months back we met with a Marketing firm that confirmed that clients from all different industries had not only moved long ago to laptop presentations but were now looking for every way to utilize iPad’s in there marketing efforts.


    The team at PQ is excited that we had the opportunity to revive this art here in the Twin Cities by wrapping really awesome devices in hand made, traditionally bound books.  That is why we use the phrase 'Making the Case for Books!'.  We feel that our broad case line is truly making a great argument for why this rich tradition should remain strong.


    Which raises the question, what other age old traditional techniques are being replaced by the digital age?  Our first thought was photographic film (Those of you young enough to not understand that last phrase make our point).


    We would love to hear your thoughts...

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  6. The Contega Begs for an App

    The Contega Begs for an App

    The idea for an iPad and iPhone App occurred to me back in early 2010 when we first began the Pad and Quill case company.  The fact that your iPad was surrounded by a gorgeous hand made case, like the Octavo or Contega, seemed to beg for a note taking App of equal beauty.  Time flew by, as making cases and building our little company out of the basement then replaced said App dreams.  Until about 5 months ago, when we were introduced to Fabulously Retro and Daniel the lead App developer.  Daniel and I both shared a passion for moleskine notebooks, iPads and awesome leather cases.  A business marriage made in heaven.


    We are excited to provide you a sneak preview of the forthcoming Pad and Quill App.  Designed to feel just like the classic journal this App is simple, intuitive and still allows for more complex note organization.  Taking quick or more thoughtful notes has never been this lovely.  Hand coded with beautiful page turning animations, custom covers for your notebooks and of course the signature PQ bookmark, that always brings you back to your table of contents.  Utilizing iCloud, all of your notes stay in perfect sync between the iPhone and iPad and are safely backed up in iCloud.  Stay tuned for availability at the Apple App Store and special App giveaways by following us on twitter @padandquill or becoming a fan on our 'Pad and Quill' Facebook page!


    -Mr. PQ

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