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  1. The Amazon Kindle Fire

    The Amazon Kindle Fire

    When Amazon announced the Kindle Fire tablet a few months back I became very curious as to how this new device would fit in the market currently dominated by the Apple iPad. Steve Jobs, in 2009, stated that the iPad sits between a smartphone and a computer. The question I have is where then does the Kindle Fire tablet sit in this market?


    The first thought I had was that Amazon had wisely chosen NOT to take on the iPad directly in competition. They did this by offering a $199 price point, leveraging their significant Amazon platform and focusing on the features that make a tablet so enjoyable to use.


    The Kindle Fire offers fast web browsing, movies, music, apps and of course a beautiful book reader. These are the features that anyone who buys a $200 dollar tablet considers a great value. The iPad starts at $499, making the Kindle Fire almost 60% less. The Amazon store is a significant platform in regards to music, movies, TV shows and of course eBooks. The weakest part of the platform is that the App selection is much smaller compared to Apple’s App store. For this price point the main features that consumers are looking for seem to be addressed. No, it does not offer 3G or have a camera but these might not be essential, time will tell. What it does offer is a compelling tablet product that actually sits between a smartphone and the Apple iPad.


    At Pad and Quill we recognize this unique product and how it may fit into the tablet eco system in the future.  Therefore we are now offering a beautiful bonded leather case for Kindle Fire called the Fire Keeper. A beautiful moleskine-like book bindery case, handmade right here in Minneapolis. The Fire is trying to find its place in this world and we highly recommend you protect it with one of our unique handmade cases.

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  2. Holidays have their limits

    Holidays have their limits

    I understand the idea that the holidays start far too early. Christmas trees at Target being erected in September is a bit excessive, no doubt. The Holiday season should happen roughly around, well, the actual holiday dates between Thanksgiving and New Years. At the PQ household this is not considered a general concept, it’s a strict rule.  Mrs. PQ officially bans all holiday music, any forms of decoration, even the singing of carols until 12:01 on November 25th.


    No doubt the oldest daughter Quill and I have attempted to breach these strictly enforced rules with very little success. She likes eating and I like my bed more than the couch.  What’s wonderful is that after 12:01 we could not think of a better person to spend the holidays with than Mrs.PQ. All holiday related activities commence in full force!  Music begins non-stop, decorations are brought down from the attic and all electronic devices are synchronized to assure everyone is up to speed on the festivities.  Mrs. PQ kicks all this off with the “Black Friday Acquisition Operations” (BFAO).  She scans the papers, gets the latest web updates, gets tents and winter camping gear in hand and heads out ridiculously early.


    The BFAO has carried over to Pad and Quill. We make beautiful handmade book bindery cases for iPads, iPhones, Kindles and more. Truth be told, we have succumbed to the craziness that is the Black Friday holiday kick off. Watch for some fairly amazing sales on cases like the Octavo for iPad 2, Contega for iPad 2 and other specials!


    -Mr. PQ

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  3. Keeping a Good Fire Going

    Keeping a Good Fire Going

    There is rarely a time that is more exciting for Mr. PQ then when new gadgets arrive. Never. You would think our lego loving son just pulled a Tom Hanks 'Big' and now inhabited him. This was the case this week as the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet arrived at our home. I'm beginning to think Mr. P conspired to create this company for the sole purpose of gadget acquisition. Being the Mrs. Q that I am, I'm pretty content with the most simplistic of e readers, so long as it’s housed in our P&Q cases. I love the feel of a good book. I'll admit, my first reaction was complete disinterest in the new Kindle Fire. I really don't need another gadget I don't know how to use. I'm still trying to understand the cloud. Then the eleven year old hopped up on the couch next to me with the new Fire, already snug in its P&Q Firekeeper. "Look Mom, I can read this book to you." He tapped an image, the book appeared and opened, the logs crackled in the fireplace as the MN cold encroached, he snuggled closer and began to read. So simple, I could get used to this Fire.

    We are excited about our newest line of hard cases for Amazon Kindle devices: Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle 4 and Kindle Keyboard. Surrounding each device is beautiful, satin finished baltic birch frame, wrapped in gorgeous Italian bonded leather. All models include a pocket option. Go ahead and get cozy with one of these new Kindle hard cases, it will feel just like you're holding a real book... because you are!


    Fire Keeper for Kindle Fire

    • Snugly fits and protects your Kindle Fire
    • Patented sound channels to bring the sound of movies, games and music right back to you.
    • Genuine hardwood with a beautiful satin
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  4. The Trumpet of the Swan

    The Trumpet of the Swan

    Recently Mr. Steve Jobs released his swan song in the iPhone 4S. While Apple technology will long bear his fingerprints, one of the final products he ushered to market will resonate a long farewell. Inspired by Mr. Jobs, we too will always strive to innovate for the delight of our customers! – Mrs. PQ

    From the inside out, our new Little Black Book for iPhone 4/4S begins with a precision cut frame. Shaped from Baltic Birch these hard cases include all the functionality you’ll need including hearing Siri’s cybernetic voice! This LBB retains all of the features you love, but we’ve added a nifty internal POCKET to hold up to 2-3 credit or ID cards. Just as our Little Black Books are like a cloaking device for your iPhone, this new card pocket is so discreet you might forget it is there. Introducing our latest addition to the PQ bookshelf, The Little Black Book for iPhone 4/4S.


    • Our smallest book case for the iPhone 4/4S
    • Includes a NEW hidden pocket for ID, Credit cards!
    • Italian bonded leather cover
    • 5 NEW interior colors made with bookbindery cloth
    • Subtle rounded corners
    • Access to ports including camera (not flash)
    • Classic bookmark
    • Snug fit with proprietary bumpers
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