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New iPad X and 2018 iPhone X Rumors

This autumn is going to be filled to the brim with Apple releases. The entire Apple family is getting an upgrade this year. We expect to see a new iPhone lineup, an iPad X(?) launch, and even a new Apple Watch 4 seems to be on the table. Check out some of the juiciest rumors below!

What is Apple's 2018 iPhone Lineup?

With last year's huge iPhone launch, the hype is building for the iPhone launch anticipated in early September. The iPhone X was a smash hit, but a steep investment. This year, Apple is anticipated to roll out three new iterations. To start out with, we are expecting there to be a smaller and larger version of the phone. They seem to lean into their devices having at least two sizes. The smaller one will come in at about 5.8 inches and the larger is reported to be 6.5 inches, both are expected have the innovative the edge to edge display of its predecessor.

Interestingly, Apple is going to release a pared-down version of the X. They'll be launching a 6.1 model with an aluminum frame to help keep costs low. In fact, it may not even support wireless charging or 3D touch. If you're planning on picking up the cheaper model, say goodbye to portrait mode since this one will only have a single lens-rear camera. They will most likely look and feel like the X with their edge to edge, lack of home button and multitasking gestures, but that's about all they will have in common.

In addition to three new body styles, there might be at least two Fusion chips coming down the pipes. One to power the next generation of iPhone, and another, slower one to power the economical option. Apple is a creature of habit, and will most likely be calling these the A11X or, aptly, the A12.

What to Expect from the 2018 iPad Pro X

The next generation of iPad is expected to take after the iPhone X's design. Bezeled edges, no more home button, and the introduction of a TrueDepth sensor to support Face ID. These updates will shave off some much-needed bulk off of the Pros. Especially on the 12.9, it's quickly become people's go-to portable computer, and a sleeker model is desperately needed. Also, it'll be fantastic to have all devices support wireless charging.

As for external ports, the rumors are conflicting. Some believe that it'll go the way of the X completely, and get rid of all ports. This year, though, they may not even include dongle adaptors for the headphone lovers of the world. On the other hand, we might see the new Pro's keep their external ports. This way, it can continue to dominate the mobile office market.

What Will the Apple Watch 4 Look Like?

We wouldn't be surprised if the newest Apple Watch launched along with the iPhone. They make a great pair, and doing three events in the autumn could present more obstacles than benefits. Since last year's model brought LTE capability, Apple Watch fans are on the edge of their seats. We're pretty sure that the new Apple Watch will have better fitness readings, as we saw a patent for Apple's version of the EKG. With it, it will bring better insights into calorie and heart rate tracking. Also, with WatchOS 5 on its way, Siri is slated for a serious upgrade on the

At the very least, it looks as if Apple will bezel some edges, making their newest ecosystem coherent and modern looking. The Apple Watch can look a bit dated next to the space-age iPhone X. Also, we are hoping to see some new colors and watch faces launch. Ideally, the Apple Watch will come in a new circular shape. It most likely won't happen, but we can dream, right?

All in all, it looks like Apple's dry spell is officially over. They're back in the running and officially running the industry again. It feels good to be at the top again, and with the trillion dollar benchmark past, Apple is aiming for the stars.

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