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Nothing Cool is Flat

Mr. PQ and I have taken a break from all the iPhone 6S hoopla to travel to the Great state of Texas to convene a meeting with our marketing team.  Intent on best serving our customers by keeping them up to date on all things Pad & Quill.

Mr. PQ, seeking some mental motivation, ventured to the hotel’s snack bar and returned with a box of Cracker Jacks.  iPhones and MacBook pushed aside, we embarked on a philosophical conversation about Cracker Jack prizes.  Back before choking hazards were found in every thing Froot Loops to Kinder Eggs, there were real prizes in cereal and Cracker Jack that would inspire civil war in most families.

Our conversation turned nostalgic as we recalled the best prizes like the little parachute man, super balls and decoder rings.

Mr. PQ got a sticker.  Not just any sticker, a Toronto Blue Jays sticker.  But we are in Texas where the Houston Astros are on the verge of cinching a American League playoff spot and the Texas Rangers have already sewn up the AL West division.

We concurred that prizes simply aren’t what they used to be, causing Stephen to quip, “Nothing cool is flat”.  Hence the reason he still carries an iPhone 3g.  I on the other hand was happy to jump to the candy bar style of the iPhone 4.  What woman doesn’t want a reminder to buy chocolate every time they open their bag?  Now with iPhone 6 or 6s, who needs Cracker Jack, I’ll get my own darn prize ☺

Mrs PQ


4 thoughts on “Nothing Cool is Flat”

  • undone1111

    I think a $100 bill would be pretty darn cool!

  • Sean Logue

    This happened to me a few weeks ago. I was so disappointed with the "prize" that I honestly can't recall what it even was. I do remember pulling it out, looking at the flat, lifeless square, and determining that it wasn't going to be cool, regardless of what might be inside.

    The 3G would be okay if it weren't for the fact that each OS release gets slower and slower on the older equipment, plus after a time they stop releasing updates at all. That's not a good thing from a security point of view, even if you don't care that you aren't getting the latest improvements.

    So, hanging on to the 3G wouldn't be my choice. However, he does seem to have rather good taste in wood and leather goods, so he's got that going for him. :-)


  • Intrepid Bags

    Hey. It's an iPhone 5 for your information. Still in its original 3 year old Little Pocket Book case and looking better than ever. Those things age beautifully, like a fine wine. =)

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