The wait is worth it.

There are days when writing a blog post are easy, and then there are days you wake up wanting to spend the day in baggy sweats listening to John Denver on Spotify and crying because all your children are leaving home and Mr. PQ told you last night’s roast was a little dry.  You’d be dry too if you’d spent two days cooking in a crockpot.  Whoever is squelching the patent on the cure for PMS should really spend eternity in Dante’s fourth ring of hell.  Seriously, if we can engineer a smart phone that slides the screen content up and down with a subtle tap on the home button, (Yea iPhone 6, my fun size fingers thank you!) I’d think we could come up with a countermeasure aimed at reducing the monthly pseudo psychosis and histrionics of half the world’s population.

I’m not holding my breath, because while the aforementioned iPhone doesn’t bend, it does consistently send out random voice texts to people on my contact list.  Mr. PQ would suggest this might be due to the fact that I’ve stuffed 17 credit cards and ID’s into my Luxury Pocketbook, so it bulges like an African hippopotamus, and I seemingly forget to reengage the auto-lock after streaming a favorite radio program, so my iPhone is always “on”, ready to text. I disagree, and today, since I am working from the home office, wearing baggy sweats and listening to John Denver music, Mr. PQ knows I am right.

I don’t mean to incite fits of jealousy in all of you awaiting delivery of your new Bella Fino, Luxury Pocket Book or Little Pocket Book (which is a serious misnomer, there is nothing little about iPhone 6 plus) but as a product tester, I am now on my third PQ iPhone 6 case.    Let me assure you, I’ve stuffed them, dropped them,sat on them and shoved them into the strap of my sports bra while I worked out; these beautiful works of  art are impervious to the rigors of an active life.  Our craftsmen and women are working tenaciously; so let the two-week countdown begin!


8 thoughts on “The wait is worth it.”

  • Desperately Seeking a New Case
    Desperately Seeking a New Case October 9, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    Hi, these cases look so appealing!! I was really interested in the Bella Fino for my new iPhone 6. But, I'm curious and have a quick question about the back side of the Bella Fino case... While looking at the picture, it appears that the area around the camera is cut on an angle. like the shape of an L ...but differently than the aperture for the Luxury Pocket Book or Little Pocket Book which looks more circular...meaning there isn't a full rectangle on the back of the Bella Fino case, leaving the camera lens open and not this correct??? Because in a different picture it seems that it is completely covered, and I'm confused about which case to buy. Thanks in advance for the help.

    • Eric Hofstetter
      Eric Hofstetter October 11, 2014 at 9:42 am

      The Pocket Books actually are complete on the back with an area "cut out" for the camera. The Bella Fino actually has that section of the iPhone simply not there. My Luxury Pocket Book will soon be en route... and Mr. and Mrs. PQ... I could NOT be more excited for its arrival!

  • Brian

    Not sure where to find the answer. When will these be available?

  • kongmw

    these can't arrive soon enough!

  • stefano

    It's so nice to see a company taking time to do something right. You guys make great products, keep up the awesome work!

  • Kawaii Gardiner
    Kawaii Gardiner October 26, 2014 at 7:00 am

    @Brain: Just had a check on the product page, according to the webpage they're going to start shipping in early November.

  • Andre Cavor

    Any info on the shipping of the 6 plus cases

  • Michael Todd Koren
    Michael Todd Koren November 11, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    I don't understand why the baltic birch case is not available on the 6 plus (it is on the 6) when this is the iconic pad and quill case. update-i'm wrong - wasn't shown on website one week ago-now it is on pre-order!

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