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Keeping Promises

Keeping a promise.  Another way to say it would be Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No.  This is something that Mrs. PQ and I work dilligently to instruct with our four mini quills.  Promises mean you will be a person of your word.  Do we perfectly do this?  Of course not, but we do strive to have integrity in all of our dealings and make sure all is made right. That includes family relationships, our workplace and working with our valued customers at Pad and Quill.


This is one of the main reasons behind our 30 Day money back promise.  We work very hard to craft very unique handmade iPad , iPhone and Kindle cases. We want to back that up the hardwork with a promise.  Try out a case for 30 days, for any reason your not satisfied send it back and we will refund you!


We are entering a season that is very precious to Kari and I. A celebration of our faith and great Promises kept. We hope that the upcoming holiday season will meaningful for your family as well!


Mr. PQ

2 thoughts on “Keeping Promises”

  • Frankie

    Awesome word! You guys rock! Keep up the great work and beautiful cases!

  • I just received my iPhone4 little pocket book (and iPhone 5 one I got for my brother's Christmas gift).  IT IS AWESOME!  I did notice that the embossing on the binding is visibly not centered...  I am not sure if it bothers me enough to have it exchanged...  But I think for your future quality control, it would be good to have such process to ensure little details like this is corrected before shipping.  

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