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iPad Mini is here

This past Tuesday Apple announced the iPad Mini along with updates to the Macbook Pro's, iMac and Mac Mini lines.  We've decided that making a handmade case for the iMac might not be all that practical so were going to keep our focus on the iPad Mini.


There are many opinion pieces about the iPad Mini, some negative and some positive.  All the reviews we've seen of hands on with the device are positive.  Well built and well thought through design from Apple seems consistent in the reviews.  Aside from build,  some think Apple missed the mark by not competing in price with the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD.  These smaller 7 inch tablets are between $75 and $130.00 less then the entry level iPad Mini which starts at $329. Others seem to think the price point is justified as the Apple eco system of iOS apps, movies, and books offers a compelling reason to spend a bit more for entry into the Apple walled garden.  As with every Apple release, time will tell as the market will clearly show what interest there is for a 7 inch iPad from Apple.


We cannot wait to show you our handmade cases for the new Apple iPad Mini.  Let's just say that 3-600 dollar Mini iPad should be protected with handmade love and attention.  We are here to meet that need!


Mr. PQ


One thought on “iPad Mini is here”

  • Brett (@OTGGamer)

    I completely agree with you regarding Apple's pricing strategy on this one.  They should have priced the iPod Touch about $50 less and that would have allowed them more wiggle room on the iPad Mini pricing.  I have no doubt this will be successful regardless, but just think of the damage Apple could have done if they went after the 7" Android market at a closer (or identical) price point! OUCH!

    At least you have a valid business reason (aka excuse) to buy one anyways. ;)  

    Really looking forward to my Little Pocket Book for my iPhone 5, which should be leaving the safety of Mommy & Daddy PQ any day now, for the big scary world outside. 

    Don't worry I promise to take good care of the little guy. 

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