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  1. How To Clean Your Laptop

    This short guide provides a three-step process for cleaning your laptop. Special care is needed for cleaning the various surfaces of your laptop safely to minimize the chance of accidentally damaging your computer.

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  2. How To Clean Your AirPods Pro

    The AirPods Pro are such an amazing accessory for your Apple devices. They work so seamlessly between iPhone, iPad, iMac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch, so you can take calls, enjoy music, listen to your favorite podcasts, (or even tune out your co-workers or the noisiest members of your household). 


    To keep your AirPods Pros looking and lasting their very best, it’s important to clean them regularly. And if you’re reading this article and thinking “Uh-oh, I’ve never cleaned my AirPods even once,” don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


    First of all, your AirPods Pro are probably dirtier than you think. Most of us know that our phones pick up a lot of bacteria throughout the day as we put them down on counters, desks, restaurant tables, etc. Your AirPods Pro can also gather bacteria from your daily use. Whether it’s moving the charging case from your gym bag to your desk or your kitchen counters, the case comes into contact with a lot of different surfaces, many of which are crawling with germs or bacteria.


    Then, you have the actual AirPod buds themselves. The silicon tips are great for making a tight seal around your ear, so you have superior audio quality. However, those silicon tips aren’t that breathable. If you’ve worn your AirPods Pro during a spin class or an outdoor run on a hot day, you know how sweaty they can get. Plus they’re exposed to things like make-up, hair products, sunscreen, bug spray, moisturizers, and dirt and debris from the world around you. 


    Then, there’s the oil from your fingers as you tap the stem to change tracks or just picking up and holding the AirPods Pro case. If you have a nice premium leather case like the ones from Pad and Quill, that can go a very long way to protecting your AirP

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  3. How To Clean Your AirPods Max Headphones

    AirPods max case

    The AirPods Max are Apple’s newest entry into the world of wireless headphones following the very successful AirPods and AirPods Pro. They offer exceptional sound quality, noise cancelling technology for noisy environments, and, of course, the pair seamlessly to all your other Apple gadgets.


    The downside is that they also come at quite a high price. At $549, they are certainly not cheap so you’ll want to make sure you do everything you can to keep them in tip-top shape so they’ll last you as long as possible. Giving them a good regular cleaning can help you protect your investment, and yourself. 


    Keeping our things clean and sanitized was important even before the events of the past year, but in this day and age, it’s all the more vital to keeping you and your family healthy. Luckily, keeping your AirPods Max clean is quick and easy. 


    If you caught our previous post about keeping your iPhone clean, luckily the AirPods Max don’t have any unique display coatings or materials to worry about destroying. However, you still need to be careful as they are still somewhat delicate and quite expensive. 


    The biggest thing to watch out for is not to get any water into the earpieces themselves, as that could damage some of the delicate components inside. You’ll also want to be careful not to use harsh cleaning chemicals when cleaning them so you don’t damage the materials.


    You’ll want to clean the AirPods Max and the ear cushions separately and Apple offers some tips on how to do that on their website. 


    How to Clean Your AirPods Max


    • Don’t run your AirPods Max under water.
    • Use a soft, dry, lint-free cl
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  4. 3 Simple Steps On How To Clean Your iPhone

    3 Simple Steps On How to Clean Your iPhone

    iPhone Cleaning

    If there’s one thing we’ve all learned of the past year, it’s the value of a good cleaning. We’ve probably spent more time cleaning and disinfecting surfaces over the past year than we’ve spent in a good long while. And for good reason; the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating and is still quite prevalent in many parts of the world. Thankfully, keeping things clean and sanitary can help to keep us safe and healthy. 


    If you don’t already know, the dirtiest, most germ-infested thing you have with you all day every day is your phone. They are filthy. We spend the whole day touching them, setting them on a wide variety of surfaces, taking them into restrooms, so they come in contact with an incredible amount of germs every day. And unfortunately, at least until recently, most of us probably didn’t clean them on a regular basis.


    Thankfully, a lot of germs and bacteria, like those that cause COVID-19, can easily be killed with disinfecting sprays and wipes. The tricky part is that due to some of the materials Apple uses on the displays of the iPhone, simply grabbing a wipe to scrub down your phone might actually end up damaging the device. 


    The material in question that could be damaged is called the oleophobic coating. This strange-sounding substance is basically a fingerprint-resistant coating that covers the glass to make it much smoother to use and it helps it avoid picking up fingerprints. Yes, fingerprints do appear on your screen as you use it, but if you’ve ever used a phone without this coating, y

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  5. Apple News for March 2020: Great Expectations and Low Risk Releases

    apple news

    As spring fever starts to hit, everyone is getting excited to see what Apple plans to bring to the table. With the larger releases in the fall, Spring is a great time for Apple to release small updates and refresh lines. Plus it allows them to gear up for WWDC in June. We’ve compiled a list of the most up to date Apple news below.

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  6. Pack Your Tote Bag for Travel: Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Carry On

    women's leather tote bag

    When it comes to travel, it’s essential to have the perfect carry on. With airlines getting tighter seating everyday and flight delays abundant, no one wants to be stuck in the airport or on a plane without the essentials. Packing your tote bag for travel can feel like an overwhelming task, deciding what gets to come onboard and what will get checked to hopefully be seen again on the other side, but we’ve compiled our list of the top items to bring with you.

    The Absolute Essentials to Carry On

    leather tote bag

    It’s good to start with the big things, packing them in and making sure they’ll fit snugly before throwing in the little pieces. Make sure to include your:

    • Laptop
    • Light Sweater
    • Notebook and Pen
    • Water bottle (empty to get through TSA)


    Make sure your laptop is stowed securely in a padded laptop sleeve so it can stay protected and use a designated water bottle strap to keep everything from tossing around. Packing layers will make mom proud and keep you warm. We love the Pad & Quill Journal Notebook, for tracking thoughts, making to-do lists and keeping your ideas sorted.

    The Secondary Items to Fill Up Your Tote Bag

    women's bag

    After you’ve fit the big pieces

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  7. PQ Opinions: The Smart Keyboard is Not An iPad Pro Case

    iPad Pro case

    Last year Apple released the 11 and 12.9 inch iPad Pro to plenty of welcoming hands. And like the iPad Pro models before it, it came with a lightweight Smart Keyboard. Mimicking a computer with the ability to attach a keyboard while still having the touchscreen and lightweight travel compatibility, it was device for all kinds of tech enthusiasts. It is meant to be an iPad Pro Case, but... it's lacking in the case side of things. Let's just say it's about as protective as a football helmet for a quarterback.

    It's shocking when looking on the market to see that Apple and case companies alike have yet to invent a protective and stylish case that pairs the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard together. While there are plenty of great, high quality iPad Pro cases on the market, they often don't let the keyboard be paired with them easily.

    The Definition of an iPad Pro Case


    When we are talking about a case, let’s be clear, it’s meant to be protective. From Webster’s dictionary:

    Learn to pronounce
    noun: case; plural noun: cases
    1. a container designed to hold or protect something.        
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  8. PQ Style: History of the Button Up vs Button Down - What's the Difference?

    The button-down is one of the most valuable pieces a rugged gentleman can have in his wardrobe. However, you may have heard of a button-up too. Do you need both? Are they the same thing? It can be confusing! The terms "button-up" and "button-down" are used interchangeably all the time. But are they really different?

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  9. How to Find a Lost iPhone 11 (Or Any Device Running iOS 13)

    how to find stolen iphone

    It's no fun to misplace your phone, but Apple has provided a way to track it down and recover it. However, with iOS 13 (& macOS Catalina) their tracking system has gotten a rebrand. "Find my iPhone", "Find my Mac", "Find my iPad", and "Find My Friends" are all now the same app called "Find My". It can be scary to lose your device, so we'll to cut the chase. This is how to track down your lost iPhone using iOS 13 or macOS Catalina:

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  10. The Weekly Babble: Make Good Art

    leather iPhone case

    Join our founder Brian weekly, as he writes up his babbles, musings and thoughts from life as a father, entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. Read on to hear more from the life of the Pad & Quill team. 

    Hello Friends,

    One of the rules I preach to the team, is that we strive to make good art.

    The world is filled with beautiful things that are not that useful or useful things that truly lack style. A good example would be a handsome iPad case that falls apart in six months. That's bad art. For myself and the team, art in technology accessories should result in pieces that are uniquely beautiful yet useful and durable.

    This is a trial and effort commitment, I assure you. Some things we have worked on have truly stunk, others fantastically ugly. Then...sometimes we find something that is profoundly amazing. That's the best part of design!

    This quote from Neil Gaiman sums it up neatly:

    “And now go, and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make good art.”

    Check out some of our Good Art!
    (in our humble opinion)

    Have a great week!

    (Mr PQ)

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