Bella Fino Edition Leather iPhone 11 Pro Case


Leather Cases For iPhone 11 Pro With New Elastic Straps!

Bella Fino Edition Leather iPhone 11 Pro Case

  • Chocolate & Deep Sea Blue
  • Galloper Black & Plum
  • Galloper Black & Slate Gray
  • Whiskey & Deep Sea Blue
  • Whiskey & Forest Green

  • Standard Strap (blk)
  • Standard Strap (ch)
  • Standard Strap (ws)
  • Elastic Strap Pack (blk)
  • Elastic Strap Pack (ch)
  • Elastic Strap Pack (ws)



Regular Price: $89.95

Special Price: $76.46

Product Details

Bella Fino Leather iPhone 11 Pro Case Features:

  • Perfectly fits the 2019 iPhone 11 Pro
  • NOW comes with removable/replaceable elastic strap closure that can be switched out for any of the 3 straps in our optional add-on color pack ($9.99)
  • Even more optional strap colors available here: Additional Elastic Straps
  • Luxurious full-grain American leather
  • Marine-grade, UV-resistant, nylon stitching with French hem styling.
  • Wallet is designed to carry 6-8 Cards/Cash
  • Ultra-slim lay-flat leather card pockets
  • Quick-access viewing window for a business card/ID card
  • The slim overall profile adds only 0.28 of an inch to either side
  • INCLUDED: an upgraded ultra-strong satin-finished snap-on interior case for the iPhone
  • Removable iPhone snap-in case adheres to the leather via a secure locking adhesive technology from 3M that is residue-free & reattachable
  • Expanded camera aperture opening
  • All ports and cameras fully accessible in-case
  • Compatible with 3 coil wireless chargers
  • Leather that ages beautifully with a rich patina
  • 25-year leather warranty & 30-day Money Back Promise
  • Dimensions: 6in x 3 3/8 x 0.55 in
  • Lifetime elastic strap warranty
  • Free domestic shipping


Meet The Bella Fino Leather iPhone 11 Pro Case

Decades of artisan leather crafting experience have come together to make an iPhone 11 Pro Case that is more than the sum of its parts. Care has been lavished into every detail, from the intricate French-hemmed seams that would make an Italian tailor blush to the sveltely designed slim wallet pockets neatly and compactly tucked inside.

American full-grain leather, parachute grade stitching, elegant french-hemmed seams, and time-honored craftsmanship all come together in the Bella Fino Edition.

All that craftsmanship doesn't offer just beauty, it also offers thought-out well-designed utility. You can fit between 5-7 cards in the interior flap slots, and take advantage of the ID window, as well as a back slot for whatever you need.

We love options. That's why we have built a few into this case. For starters, each case comes with a removable elastic strap in either black or brown. With our add-on color strap pack, you can choose from three colors: Calvin Blue, Vision Orange, and Yellow. That way you can switch it up for a fresh look now and again while keeping the gorgeous reliability of the Bella Fino Edition in your hand. Welcome to the Pad & Quill family.

To install, just snap your iPhone either into the protective case we have included for extra edge and drop protection, or press it directly into the Bella Fino via our specially developed from 3M secure locking adhesive. And don't worry if you need to take it out, it is reattachable and residue-free as well. We have got you covered.

Break it in! We used only the good stuff to make this iPhone case. Thick full-grain American leather that breaks in over time and gets more beautiful with use. This high-quality leather starts off a little stiff and softens with use as it wraps your iPhone in love for years to come.

Backed by our legendary 25-year leather warranty, this case will tell your story as it develops a rich and unique patina that will look better in your hands with every passing day.