Bella Fino iPhone X Wallet Case


Slim Leather iPhone X Case Fits 5-7 Cards

Bella Fino iPhone X Wallet Case

  • Whiskey
  • Galloper Black

  • Deep Sea Blue (W)
  • Forest Green (M)
  • Slate Gray (B)


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Product Details

Bella Fino iPhone X Phone Case Features:

  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Perfectly fits the iPhone X
  • Luxurious full-grain American leather
  • Slim profile adds only 0.28 of an inch to each side
  • Ages beautifully with a rich patina
  • Included: Satin finished snap-on case
  • Included: IMPROVED ultra-strong protective snap-on case for extra edge protection
  • New secure locking adhesive technology from 3M, residue free & reattachable
  • Ultra-slim lay-flat full-grain leather card pockets with expanded improved space
  • Quick-access viewing space for a business card or ID card
  • Marine-grade, UV-resistant, nylon stitching
  • New & improved camera aperture opening
  • All ports and Cameras fully accessible in-case
  • 30-day money back promise & 25-year leather warranty
  • Designed to carry 5-7 Cards/Cash
  • Dimensions: 6in x 3 3/8 x 0.55 in
  • Free domestic shipping


Meet The Bella Fino iPhone X Wallet Case.

Craftsmanship names an enduring, basic human impulse, the desire to do a job well for its own sake.” ― Richard Sennett

The Bella Fino Wallet Case for iPhone is a King amongst cases. Why? Well, it’s all in the crafting process…

Decades of artisan leather crafting experience have come together to make an iPhone X Case that is more than the sum of its parts. Care has been lavished into every detail, from the intricate French-hemmed seams that would make an Italian tailor blush to the sveltely designed slim wallet pockets neatly and compactly tucked inside.

The Bella Fino is constructed with a single piece of the finest American full-grain leather that ages like fine whiskey. It is then stitched with UV resistant marine grade thread (the same kind of thread used in parachutes and sails) to ensure it will endure.

Designed to be the best iPhone wallet case, it can hold up to 7 cards in its slim pockets with room to spare. There is ample space for your essentials along with cash, and a conveniently windowed ID card slot.

The Bella Fino offers a bundle of versatility. It is a case, a wallet, and iPhone X wireless charging compatible. It can hold between 5-7 cards in its slim pockets with room to spare. There is ample space for your essentials with cash, and a conveniently windowed ID card slot.

How does it install? Fast and easily. The Bella Fino secures to your iPhone X with a secure locking adhesive that takes seconds to install, leaves no residue, and is reattachable several times over. If that isn’t your style, we are including a free special rubber oil coated protective iPhone case as well, improved grip, drop, and edge protection, giving you the option to apply the Bella Fino to either your iPhone X OR to the free included case.

Break it in! We used only the good stuff to make this iPhone case. Thick full-grain American leather that breaks in over time and gets more beautiful with use. This high-quality leather starts off a little stiff and softens with use as it wraps your iPhone in love for years to come.

Backed by our legendary 25-year leather warranty, this case will tell your story as it develops a rich and unique patina that will look better in your hands with every passing day.