Attaché Leather Messenger Bag for Men

Full Grain Leather Messenger Bags for Men

Attaché Leather Messenger Bag for Men

  • Chestnut
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Whiskey

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Product Details

Leather Attaché Features:

  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • American full-grain bridle leather. The best of the best. Period.
  • Unbreakable solid forged nickel and copper hardware
  • Discreetly signed by the artisan on the interior
  • Padded and secure 10.5 iPad pocket
  • Padded Laptop pocket holds up to a 15" laptop
  • Beautiful hand-pounded copper rivets at key stress points
  • Recessing double-layered leather handle
  • Gorgeous pleated expanding front pockets
  • Quick access newspaper pocket
  • UV-resistant Marine-grade stitching
  • Signature orange soft cotton lining
  • 25-year leather warranty & 30-day money back promise
  • Classic Pad & Quill bookmark accents
  • Weight: 5 lb.
  • Dimensions: 14" W x 12.5" H x 5" D


The Ultimate Leather Messenger Bag
for Men On the Go


Uncompromising Quality, Unbeatable Style, A World Apart


Meet the Attaché, the pinnacle of luxurious leather bags. We've drastically upgraded it by adding a full grain leather exterior, substantially more room in the bucket, a dedicated & secure iPad Pro 10.5 pocket, and pleated front pockets with serious space for all your essentials.

Our Full-Grain Leather: The Best.


Take 100 hides of high-grade American grass-fed full-grain leather. Drop 80 of them and keep only the best 20 hides. Now you are holding the best saddle-quality full-grain leather hides in the world, period. Those hides are then shipped to our tannery where they are skillfully tanned, dyed and waxed, old world style, all the way through top to bottom in beautiful shades of Chestnut, Chocolate, and Galloper Black.

Our Craftsman: Qualified


When the leather arrives at our workshop, it is inspected and then turned over to our artisans where every hide is marked to designate each specific piece of your bag. Forget the automated assembly line. We entrust the cutting to 3 or 4 artisans who work by hand to cut and prepare the panels for assembly. Your leather messenger bag is then stitched together with parachute grade thread by one of our craftsmen or women who have been doing this for generations. In our workshop, the art of leather crafting is passed from father to son, generation after generation. Want further proof of quality? Just glance at the tag inside your bag; it is discretely signed by the craftsman who stands behind his work. We are all for the art of the Renaissance masters, but the art that our craftspeople bring to us is art that you can actually use, feel, and hold in your own hands.

Our Hardware: Unbreakable.


About the worst situation we can think of is you, inadvertently clinging to a branch, feet dangling over the raging Colorado River, and the leather strap from your bag being the only thing between you and a long fall into the abyss below. Second only to this is you making an epic leap through the closing doors of the subway, your bag trailing behind, held only by the lay-flat handle on the back. At either point, we've got you covered with unbreakable, ultra-durable, forged nickel hardware and hand pounded copper rivets at key stress points. Think of it this way: when you “belay on” do you want a carabiner or a paper clip? Yep, we thought so too.

Our Stitching: Reliable.


We've held this beautiful leather messenger bag together with ultra-strong marine-grade UV-resistant nylon thread that is used in parachutes, sailboat sails, and ridiculously high-quality leather bags. It won't degrade with time, and it will hold your bag together for life. Simple as that.

Our Lining: Durable.


Any old lining just wouldn’t do for this luxury Attaché. So we went to the automotive industry to find a fabric lining that was soft to the touch, but seriously rugged and durable. In addition to this, we have lined key portions of the bag with our durable signature orange fabric so you can quickly find small items that would otherwise get lost in the dark. This high strength soft cotton lining will endure, we guarantee it. Speaking of guarantees...

Our Promise: Satisfaction Guaranteed.


We back up every bag with 25-year leather warranty and a 30-day money-back promise. You will love this leather messenger bag, that is our Pad & Quill promise. Welcome to the family!