Aria Macbook Pro 16 inch Cases

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The Aria Case for MacBook Pro 16 Inch is hand made with USA leather and ultra strong stitching. Style, stealth and security all wrapped around your MacBook.

Handmade Features of the Cartella Macbook Pro 16 Inch Cases :

  • A perfect fit for the MacBook Pro 16 inch laptop
  • Amazingly light yet protective leather laptop case!
  • Made with full grain leather from USA hides
  • Specially developed spine allows full opening of the MacBook Pro
  • All ports, vents, and fans completely accessible
  • The leather case will age beautifully with use
  • Strong & durable wrapped spine
  • Residue-free & reattachable secure locking adhesive technology from 3M
  • Moleskine-inspired extra-strong elastic band closure
  • Fits in many of our most popular bags including the Gladstone Briefcase and Rolltop Satchel
  • Available in 2 color options
  • Weight: 15.8oz
  • Dimensions: 14 1/8in L x 9 3/4in W x 7/8in H
  • 25 year leather warranty, 30 day money back promise
  • Free domestic shipping



Put The Book Back Into MacBook With This Case

"People will stare. Make it worth their while." - Harry Winston

Introducing the Aria for Macbook Pro 16 inch laptop. We took one of our most popular handmade laptop cases ever, the Cartella Slim, and went all out luxury. A protective leather case for your MacBook Pro that will not only provide amazing protection & theft deterrence, but frankly, every time you pick up your 16 inch laptop... you will love the feeling of the soft leather that now protects it.

One of the challenges in design was to create a leather case that still weighed as little as possible. Well, we did it. The Aria cases clock in at just under 1lb yet provide amazing protection and did we mention style? Trust us, people will stare and some might even inquire.

The most interesting part of the case is our work with 3M to develop a unique and very effective clean release adhesive. This is the same technology that we use on tens of thousands of iPhone and iPad cases. We don't like too much plastic in our designs. Our ethic always tends towards natural materials and handmade quality. This 3M material allows the case to adhere securely to your Macbook while still being easy to remove only when you want to. We doubt you'll ever want to take it off though, especially once you see how handsome your laptop just became.

The Aria is made from the very finest full grain leather USA hides, super strong stitching, and crafted by hands whose leather work is the best in the world. Yes, we are biased. We even back it up with a 25 year leather warranty and 30 day money back promise.

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