Aria Case for Macbook Air 13 Inch Cases

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A case that is as lIght as Air for the the MacBook Air 13. Both in weight and in dimensions this book style laptop case is amazingly slim while remain luxurious and protective. Crafted by hand and comes with a 25 year leather warranty.

Handmade Features of the Aria Macbook Air 13 Inch Case:

  • Fits the 2018, 2019 & 2020 Macbook Air 13"
  • A light yet protective leather laptop case!
  • Made with full grain leather from USA hides
  • The leathers age wonderfully and tell your unique story
  • We included inside, the signature of our artisan who made your case
  • Unique spine that allows full opening of the MacBook Pro
  • All ports, vents, and fans completely accessible
  • The leather case will age beautifully with use
  • Strong & durable wrapped spine
  • Residue-free & reattachable secure locking adhesive technology from 3M
  • Moleskine-inspired extra-strong elastic band closure
  • Fits in many of our most popular bags including the Gladstone Briefcase and Rolltop Satchel
  • Available in 2 - 2 tone leather color options 
  • Weight:15.8oz
  • Dimensions: 12 3/8in L x 8 5/8in W x 3/4in H
  • 25 year leather warranty, 30 day money back promise
  • Free domestic shipping

When Leather becomes Feather Light for the MacBook Air

The Aria Case for MacBook Air 13 inch could be a magician in another life. The reason is that it takes magic to create a case this luxurious, this nice to hold, this protective and this light weight from 3 solid pieces of leather. Yet here we are and our product development team will not tell its secrets. 

One of the challenges in designing this case was the weight it would add to the MacBook Air. Well, we clocked our final weight in at under 15oz! This was accomplished with artisan skill and a little help from another Minnesota company, 3M.  Our clean release adhesive, which is used in 10's of thousands of our iPad and iPhone cases, wraps this leather cover around your MacBook Air to look and feel better then ever. This clean release adhesvie creates a grip that is secure while allowing you to remove the laptop when needed. We kinda think once you put it on, you will be hard pressed to figure out why to take it off.

The Aria laptop case is made from genuine full grain leather, extremely strong UV stitch (that's actually used in sailboat cloth) and handmade by folks whose leather work is the finest in the world. Yes, we are that proud of the artisans and when you look inside the case, you'll see a signature of the very person who crafted your case. That is our tribute to the artisan. We even back the Macbook Air case up with a 25 year leather warranty and 30 day money back promise.

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