Leather Apple Watch Bands

Leather Apple Watch Bands

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Leather Apple Watch Bands That Are Timelessly Stylish

The telling of time, something as historic as watching a sundial, remains an important part of our every day lives. Our goal with the leather Apple Watch bands is to make the daily activity of checking your watch more beautiful and more time telling as the band ages beautifully and tells your story.

We offer a variety of selections for the Apple Watch including our Lowry Band, Lowry Cuff, and our Ballistic Nylon and leather Field Strap. Each band is designed to be worn for years, feel comfortable on your wrist and remind you it was hand crafted. We even included a discreet signature of the person who made your band. We love to celebrate the artisan and we think time will be a reminder of the quality and durability that our folks put into each and every leather band we make.

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