Leather Apple Pencil Grip-DISCONTINUED


Leather grip accessory for Apple Pencil with pen clip & cap holder

Leather Apple Pencil Grip-DISCONTINUED

  • Chestnut
  • Whiskey
  • Galloper Black

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Leather Apple Pencil Grip-DISCONTINUED  Video Leather Apple Pencil Grip-DISCONTINUED  Video

Product Details

Leather Apple Pencil Grip Features:


  • Full-grain American Leather that ages beautifully
  • Hand finished baseball stitch closure
  • Parachute-grade nylon stitching
  • Two-piece construction
  • Leather pencil grip for fingers
  • Lightning charging-cap holder
  • Custom stainless steel pen-clip
  • 3 colors to choose from: Galloper Black, Chestnut, Whiskey
  • 30 Day Money Back Promise & 25-year leather warranty
  • Free domestic shipping 


Turn Your Apple Pencil Into A Quill Like None Other

"Your Pencil needs... nay, deserves a bespoke leather grip." -The Verge

At Pad & Quill, we firmly believe the pen, or in this case the Apple Pencil, is mightier than the sword. We love our Apple Pencil, and believe it is the greatest thing to hit the iPad since the finger. Our Leather Apple Pencil Grip turns the Pencil from useful tool into a work of art.

This is truly one of those Apple Pencil accessories you never knew you needed until you see it in action. No more hunting for lost lightning caps, that pesky charging cap stays put, even when plugged in. No more rolling away from you when you set it down or storage difficulties, the custom pen clip keeps your Apple Pencil in place on the table and in the pocket. And no more slippery fingers, the leather grip provides a sturdy tactile feel while letting you be as precise as you want.

Designed to age with use and break in like an old baseball glove, this grip features a hand-sewn baseball stitch closure, full-grain American Steer leather, and parachute grade nylon thread.

Now if only we could do this with our Air Pods...