Traveler Protective iPhone XR Case

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The Traveler leather bumper case for iPhone XR is a tribute to our Dad, a tribute to the craftsman.


  • Perfectly fits iPhone XR
  • Handmade 100% leather bumper case
  • Fully wireless charging compatible
  • Durable & protective iPhone case
  • Slim profile adds only 2mm in thickness
  • Rugged American full-grain leather
  • Secure tension-fit that shapes to your phone
  • Easy push/snap-in installation
  • UV-resistant nylon stitching
  • All ports/cameras accessible
  • Marine-grade, UV-resistant, nylon-stitching
  • 25-year leather warranty & 30-day Money Back Promise
  • Dimensions: 6.4 in x 3.5 in
  • Free domestic shipping

Our Traveler iPhone XR Protective Case: The Epitome of Rugged Excellence

My dad taught me what rugged excellence truly means. He always aimed to remain true to himself while navigating the world around him. That, there, is beauty in strength, and this case was sparked by my memories of him.

I always picture him with his leather coin pouch, a testament to his limitless generosity. I wanted to bring that spirit of grace into our modern world. We took the elements of his signature accessory and applied it to the gorgeous iPhone XR.

The Traveler XR serves as a sentinel for your iPhone. It features an all-leather walled construction that adds all of the protection, none of the bulk. You'll see that in the contrast stitching, all leather body, and rounded edges, making it comfortable to hold and use throughout the day. It’s a good thing Dad also taught me patience, since this case spent years in development and went through multiple prototypes, design refinements, and tweaks.

Once we were absolutely positive that the Traveler’s design was perfected, we then gave the specifications into the knowing hands of our artisans. They are the only ones in the world skilled enough to build such an exacting and stunning design.

Break it in! We used only the good stuff to make this iPhone case. Thick full-grain American leather that breaks in over time and gets more beautiful with use. This high-quality leather starts off a little stiff and softens with use as it wraps your iPhone in love for years to come.

The resulting case is incredibly tough while remaining sophisticated throughout its lifetime. Installation is a snap, literally. Simply push your iPhone into the case and enjoy. Then, the case molds to your phone and begins to tell your story. The Traveler is a culmination of honoring the past, crafting the present, and looking toward the future.

Please note: All ports on the Traveler bumper case for iPhone XR are accessible and all buttons are protected. The leather covering the Siri & Volume buttons breaks in after a few days of use and works wonderfully! Completely handmade, the Traveler case is 100% compatible with wireless charging, totally unique, and backed with our famous 25-year leather warranty. There's nothing else quite like it, and we are proud to make the world’s best handmade all-leather iPhone XR bumper case.

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