Valet Sleeve for iPhone® 6 & 6S

25 Year Leather Warranty


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Valet Sleeve for iPhone® 6S/6

Product Details

Hand Signed by Leather Craftsmen

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but what if a window could bring more soul to your eyes? The Valet Sleeve for iPhone 6 & 6S is a luxurious feast of American full grain leather, hand-stitched craftsmanship that excels in pragmatism with a window for viewing your the time/date in a pinch. Each sleeve is signed by the craftsman who made it on the inner flap! The Valet includes 3 generous slips to bundle credit cards, cash and our signature orange lining is a tribute to World Vision and offers great protection to your iPhone. A staff favorite, we've imposed a moratorium on in-house purchases until customer demand is met.

Bundle the new Timber Case wood skin to complete the package!

Timber Case for iPhone 6 & 6S

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck...? Frankly, up here in MN we leave the chucking to the beavers and the selection of our premium hardwoods to our craftsmen. The Timber Case for iPhone 6 is conscientiously crafted wood skin from locally sourced cherry and hickory woods. Because Mrs. PQ would be quick to advise, when it comes to iPhones and woods it's best not to be caught completely naked.


  • 25 Year leather warranty
  • Utilizing American full grain leather
  • Signed by the craftsman who made it
  • Fits the iPhone 6 & 6S
  • Extra pockets on back for credit and cash
  • Front window shows time and date


Measurements: 5"x7/8" H by 3"x1/2" W