Here’s what others are saying about our handmade cases...

Little Pocket Book for iPhone

  • Macworld.com
    Rated in best cases for iPhone 5
  • Cult of Mac.comCharlie Sorrel
    In short, this case will easily outlast the iPhone...

Aria for iPad and iPad mini

  • TUAW.comSteve Sande
    The Aria is a Masterpiece!
  • iMore.comMichelle H.
    You simply can't beat Pad & Quill when it comes to quality and these are cases that would please even the most discriminating iPad owners.

Contega for iPad

  • TheNextWeb.comMatthew P.
    This gorgeous case for the iPad 2 sets the bar high, very high!
  • Customer Quote | New YorkJulie D.
    A thief went through my carry bag...and went right over my iPad because it was in a PQ case and looked like just another book, thanks guys!
  • Tipb.com 
    All three, Little Black Book, Contega, and Cartella are wonderfully crafted, fantastically good looking, fabulously old world cases for Apple’s latest, greatest, most modern devices.

Octavo for iPad

  • iPadAccessories.comStephen
    ...I think I love the Octavo iPad 2 Case by Pad and Quill so much that it hurts.
  • TheiPadFan.com 
    Opening the Octavo case (or any Pad and Quill case for that matter) is like performing a magic trick.  People do not expect to see an iPad inside and when they do they stop and stare.

The Little Black Book

  • Gizmodo.comRosa G.
    ...every little bit of that romantic, old-fashioned feel that you might adore about a Moleskine notebook.
  • Mactrast.comJ. Glenn K.
    The Little Black Book is a solid contender in the iPhone case market for style-oriented customers of all types.

Cartella for Macbook Air

  • CNET.comDan A.
    ...it's a unique, well-made, and very protective case, and definitely something a little different from the norm.
  • MacWorld.comDan F.
    The Cartella is a unique case that puts the book back in MacBook (or at least around it), and it’s sure to turn heads when you use it in public.
  • TabletPC.com 
    Its pattern mimics a Moleskine character giving it a classical appearance, that stands out from many other MacBook Air cases.

Kindle Case

  • MobileRead.com 
    The finished product is as rigid and sturdy as a hardback dead tree book, but of a finer quality. More like what you might find in a leather-bound edition.
  • eBookCases.org  
    The Kindle case from the outside looks like a quality leather bound book or notebook. I actually think it’s better quality than a moleskine notebook.