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Special Edition Bella Fino Black for iPhone 7 & 8

Special Edition iPhone 7 Black Leather Case

black leather iphone 7 case

Product Details

Special Edition Bella Fino Black Case Features:

  • Perfectly fits the iPhone 7 & 8
  • Fully compatible with wireless charging
  • Rich Jet Black full-grain American leather
  • A single RED highlight accent stitch
  • Slim profile adds only 0.28 of an inch to either side
  • Designed to age with a rich patina, like a book
  • New Secure Locking Adhesive Technology from 3M, Residue Free
  • Ultra-Slim Lay-Flat Leather Card Pockets w/ Improved Space
  • Quick Access Viewing Space for a Business Card or ID Card
  • Marine Grade, UV Resistant, Nylon Stitching
  • New & Improved Camera Aperture Opening
  • All Ports and Cameras Fully Accessible In-Case
  • 30 Day Money Back Promise & 25 Year Leather Warranty
  • Designed to carry 5-7 Credit Cards
  • Dimensions: 6 in x 3.1 in x 0.55
  • Free domestic shipping


A Classic Pairing, Red & Black


Apple, we meet your iPhone RED and raise you a Bella Fino Black Case. Winner takes both for a stunning color combo that has been favored by royalty, artists and just about everyone throughout history. It is a bold pairing where each hue is made better and more emboldened by the presence of the other. Our Bella Fino Black Leather Case for iPhone 7 will keep your coveted special edition iPhone RED safe and showcased. It also looks amazing with the Jet Black and Space Gray options as well.

The Bella Fino Black features all of the little touches that make the original Bella Fino great. The rich jet black leather interior and exterior will mature and become richer in your hands over time and the parachute grade nylon stitching will stand the test of time as well. A single bold red finishing stitch set against the peerless black leather makes for a distinguished look all its own and all of that black beauty comes with plenty of card space and a slim profile. While we recommend this case for the iPhone RED, we also can't emphasize enough how awesome it looks with a jet black iPhone too!