The Little Black Book for iPhone® 5/5S


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"I'd like one in every color, but Mr. P. says that would be excessive. I disagree." – Mrs. Q., Pad & Quill

On the outside, The Little Black Book is a sleek and stealthy iPhone cover. On the inside, its a bright and playful candy-colored surprise boasting all the functionality and utility you could ever want, but you would never expect. Tricky little thing isn't she?

Standard Features:
  • Fits the iPhone 5 and 5S
  • Simulated leather
  • Rear camera aperture*
  • Handcrafted satin finish Baltic birch cradle
  • Sound, headphone, charging and button channels
  • Sure-Lock device grips
  • Signature Pad & Quill ribbon bookmark
  • Weight - 2.2oz


2.8" wide x 5.2" long x .6" deep

*flash unit not fully supported