Announcing the NEW iPad Pro Cases 

About Us

Our Products

At Pad & Quill, we make a versatile artisan-made bags and leather accessories that blur the line between work and play. Using only the highest quality materials and workmanship, each piece is thoughtfully designed to meet the demands of our modern age while honoring the traditions of the past; where so many brilliant ideas started with a Pad & Quill.

Our Story

As a couple, we started this business with $1200 and a vision for unique products. We painted our web designer’s deck in exchange for a website. We then built 4 quality prototypes, took some photos and started selling iPad cases online in 2010. After 3000 cases shipped out our basement window, and Mrs. PQ was done with our office taking over the basement, we moved to our current warehouse in a historical building on the banks of the Mississippi in Minneapolis.

Our Promise

We are proud to work with some of the best craftsman & women on the planet to make beautiful durable goods that will last. We refuse to compromise our quality or our integrity. All materials are responsibly sourced and our artisans take pride their work. We do this so we can sleep well at night, and so can you. We not only feel free to say this, but we also back up our confidence with warranties that speak for themselves. Pad & Quill is first and foremost a family, and we treat our family well.

At Pad & Quill, we have a code we call our litmus test:

  • Is the product made with handcrafted quality by well-trained artisans?
  • Have we created something that our discriminating friends and family would be proud to own?
  • Is our product organic, sourced from natural elements and in keeping with good stewardship of our environment?
  • Have we maintained our dedication to preserving what is valuable from the past while merging with the remarkable technology of the present?
  • Did we exhaust ourselves in pursuit of excellence?

Only when we've passed our litmus test & honored our code, can a product be inscribed with the Pad & Quill Ampersand.

(Brian and Kari)