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The Attache Bag by Pad and Quill

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The Short Story


You’ve aged to the realization that your taste buds and your liver deserve top shelf beverages, savored from a glass. Your clothes are tailored to fit and you exude a quiet confidence when you enter a room. The Attaché is the perfect companion to a busy professional who works hard and has earned an appreciation for the finer things of life.

The Attaché is a hand cut, full-grain leather brief. Machine stitched with drone-age, parachute strength thread, reinforced with non-alloyed metal hardware and lined with automotive industry strong, durably soft cotton. Padded, interior fits up to a 15 inch Macbook Air or Pro with room for  your iPad, favorite book or files. Front pleated pockets to hold your, cache or cash and suede lined interior pockets to hold your cables and chargers. Throw this one in a ring and we’re pretty sure it will be the last one standing every time.

  • American full grain select leather. The best of the best. Period.
  • Unbreakable hardware
  • Hand signed by the craftsman who made it. Crafted.
  • Soft designated iPad pocket
  • Laptop pocket holds up to a 15 inch Macbook Pro Retina
  • Beautiful hand-pounded copper rivets at key stress points
  • Gorgeous pleated front pockets
  • Parachute grade stitching
  • Signature orange soft suede inside our pockets.  Our tribute to World Vision
  • 25 year leather warranty - Yes
  • Classic Pad & Quill bookmark accents
  • Free Domestic Shipping


Weight: 5 lb.

Dimensions: 14" W x 11.5" H x 4.5" D


The Full Tale


The Leather: The Best.

When you consider our leather quality, begin by sorting a 100 hides of American grass-fed cattle. You might select 20 hides and now you are holding the best hides in the world, period. Those other 80 hides are split, chopped, pressed, stamped, dyed and shipped to some overseas 'genuine' leather factory. Our hides are shipped to San Pancho, Mexico where they are skillfully tanned, old world style, all the way through top to bottom. Next they are dyed to deep onyx black or dark chocolate brown. The depth and character of our leather would make even ole Bessie proud.

The Craftsman: Qualified

When Alvaro at our factory receives our leather, it is inspected and then turned over to our craftsman where every hide is marked to designate portions for each specific piece of your bag. Forget the automated assembly line, we entrust the cutting to 3 or 4 seamstress who work by hand to prepare the panels for assembly. Your bag is then stitched together with parachute grade thread by one of our guys who have been sewing on average for 15-20 years. In San Pancho, the seamstress art is passed from father to son, generation after generation.

You doubt the quality? Just glance at the tag inside your bag; it’s signed by the craftsman. Quality so exquisite you might just add our expert to your Christmas letter list.  

Hardware: Unbreakable.

About the worse thing we can think of is you, inadvertently clinging to a branch, feet dangling over the raging Colorado River, the strap from your bag forestalling your drop into the river. Second only to this, you make an epic leap through the closing doors of the subway, your bag trailing behind, grasped in hand by above mentioned strap. At either point I’m glad you didn’t settle for some inferior bag held together by cheap alloy metals that snap under stress. No, what you really want at those times is the unbreakable, ultra-durable, high copper content hardware we procure to construct and embellish your bag. Think of it this way, when you “belay on” do you want a carabiner or a paper clip?  Yep, we thought so too.

Stitching: Strength.

See scenario one and two above.   Now substitute parachutes thread for that spool of stuff you used to fly your bi-colored kite as a kid.  You never did find that kite, did you?  Your bag is going to hold together for life.  

Lining: Durable. 

We went to the automotive industry to find a lining that was soft to the touch, but seriously rugged. This high strength soft cotton lining will endure.

Pad & Quill Promise

We back up every bag with 25 year leather warranty and a 30 day Money back Promise. Welcome to the family!

Customer Reviews

Review by Brent
Classy and high quality. The bag is organized well and fits all the necessary essentials for a day at the office or while on business travel. You pay for the quality but it's worth it in my book. Nice job pad and quill, love this bag!!! (Posted on 2/22/15)
Review by Nimit B
The quality and craftsmanship of this bag is uncanny. Very well made, smells amazing, and it is very durable.

Closing the flap is pretty difficult (getting the bookmark ribbon over the little silver tack), but I'm sure it will get easier as the leather softens. The leather does show scuffs pretty easily, but it adds to the "story" of the bag (as the note inside the packaging reads). It houses and protects all your gadgets.

I highly suggest this bag for anyone looking for a stylish, high quality, professional bag to take to the office.

PQ customer service is incredible. I just ordered a pocketbook case for my iPhone 6 and can't wait for it to arrive.
(Posted on 2/17/15)
Review by undone
testing (Posted on 2/5/15)
Review by Emily
I ordered this bag last fall and am just now starting to use it with regularity. It's quite heavy when empty, and add in a laptop, my textbooks, iPad and other accouterments, the weight increase is exponential. Though, the fact that I can get all of my stuff in it is nice.

I'm hoping with time the leather will soften and become more supple - the flap does not like to stay put when I'm trying to find or add something. I do feel the bag is solidly built; the hardware is very nice the strap is substantial enough.

Pros include size (dimensions), strap adjustability, solid construction

Cons include weight both empty and full, inflexibility of the leather flap and the closure of the flap is not ideal. (Posted on 2/4/15)
Review by Justin
First of all - yes this bag is pricey - but after owning it for about a week I have to say it is already the best bag I've ever owned. It's design shows careful thought about not only aesthetics but also about utility and efficient use of space and organization. It has pockets for iPad, MacBook, cords, and I carry my sunglasses and Bose AE2i headphones in the front pockets. The leather feels great and it's the perfect mix of classical design and modern utility. Highly recommend! (Posted on 2/3/15)
Review by katzie19
This is one bag worth buying if you value quality and design. I have been using it every day. I carry a lot and the strap is very comfortable. The bag give a feel that lot of attention has been given to small details, and leather feels really elegant. One of my colleague liked it so much, he ordered it right away. I bought it on the thanks giving day and got some price discount, every cent is worth and it will be your life time companion. (Posted on 1/28/15)
Review by Mike A
If you work out of an attache like I do and want a bag that is both classy and functional, then this bag is for you. It is not inexpensive, but I believe in this case, the adage "you get what you pay for" is appropriate. Form meets function wrapped in rich leather with plenty of room for laptop, tablet, smart phone, charging cables and other essentials. I am sold on the quality Pad and Quill offers in their products and am thankful they do not scrimp on quality. (Posted on 1/1/15)

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