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  • The Apple Tree
  • The Journey

artistic book cover ipad mini case

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3 Original Design Options

Artistic community. This term is used frequently when Minneapolis is mentioned. We are very proud of our artistic tradition here including great museums, sculpture gardens and a unique music heritage including Bob Dylan, Prince and the famous First Avenue music venue.
Therefore, PQ is proud to introduce our Graduate Artist Edition for the iPad mini generation 3/2/1. Local Minneapolis artists have created the covers in the series using traditional silk screen techniques. 

The Apple Tree:  A gorgeous cranberry background highlights this design. From a distance the cover appears to have simple random colorful patterns of books from many years past but when you look close you’ll see a playful apple tree with a bird resting in it’s branches. Stunning.
The Journey:  Inspired by one of our favorite books on the PQ bookshelf, Robinson Crusoe. From a distance this case appears to have some unique random patterns but after closer inspection sea waves, a ship in it's journey and a few other surprises appear. The back drop color is our beautiful Camden Blue cloth with a Slate spine. The case is finished with a dark khaki interior.

The Road Home: A Wintery afternoon, a warm small cottage upon a hill and a well worn path that leads home. With a gorgeous praline bindery cloth background and french roast spine wrap, this cover is perfect for getting cozy by the fire for a good read or watching a great movie on your iPad mini.

  • Fits the iPad mini for generation 3, 2, and 1
  • Artist designed and handmade in Minneapolis
  • 3 original designs to choose from
  • Protects and disguises your iPad mini
  • Magnetic On/Off feature wakes and puts to sleep your iPad... by closing the book
  • Hand finished real wood with a gorgeous satin finish
  • Classic PQ 'Bookmark' for easy device removal
  • Pocket option for those little documents on the go
  • Access to all ports on the iPad mini
Dimensions:  8.75 inches x 6.25 inches x .7 inches deep

Customer Reviews

Review by Tamara
I got the Apple Tree case in November 2012. It is now June 2015, and I'm still madly in love with this case. I am a mobile app developer, and a klutz, so I have abused the hell out of the case literally every day over the past 2.5 years. Dropped it many, too many times. It is only in the past month that the binding has started to tear (which I could very easily repair with some book binding tape.)
The case has fooled many people into thinking it's just a paper notebook. It's always amusing to see the look they get when they realize it's an iPad. The attention to detail for the striped edges (which really seal the deal on the book illusion) is what won me over in the first place.
10/10, would buy again!
(Posted on 6/4/15)
Review by Jade Dragon
I spent a very long time researching my new iPad cover. The first one I bought fell apart in less than 6 months & is now sitting in a landfill. Did I mention it was made in China? I was pleased this cover was made in this country and constructed of wood. When it arrived, in a much shorter time than I expected I was very pleased with the product I unwrapped. The wood insert that holds the iPad is beautiful. When I inserted the iPad it fit perfectly, no wiggle room and feels very secure. The construction looks flawless and professional. The pattern on the outside is beautiful and looks exactly as advertised. I especially appreciate the elastic band that securely keeps the cover closed AND the added security of having an iPad that is now cleverly disguised as a journal. I only now have to see how this gorgeous cover stands the test of time. Also, the magnet is strong enough to turn off the iPad when you close the cover. Brava (Posted on 3/2/15)
Review by Rachel
The quality of this product is superb. I get so many compliments (and envious looks) with this lovely case. It also has security protection, because it doesn't look like an iPad case.

The only thing a purchaser needs to be aware of is that this case, like a finely made book, needs protection or judicious care. With heavy use, it will not hold up to years of use. However, to me, it's beauty and craftsmanship still make it an extraordinary product. I love it! (Posted on 3/25/14)
Review by John
I have this case for the iPad Mini with Retina Display. I was going to get the Aria for the iPad Mini, but I already have it for my iPad Air, so I decided to get another one instead. The design I have is "The Road Home" and it is awesome! The quality is above average (maybe because I have the Aria case to compare this against.) Four stars out of five in all categories. Definitely recommended. (Posted on 3/23/14)
Review by HistoryProf
I now own three of Pad and Quill's cases (2 iPads and 1 Macbook Retina). Soon all of my family's devices will be protected by P&Q cases, and for a very specific reason. A few months ago we were the victims of a burglary (perpetrated by people who worked for our community's maintenance department). The thieves came looking for shiny electronics, and our place had a lot-between myself, my wife and my daughter, we have an iMac, three MacBooks, three iPads, three iPhones, a Playstation 3, X-Box 360...we are a technologized family. When we woke and discovered the robbery (which happened while we were asleep, which is still terrifying to think about) we saw that they had taken everything-they had quietly dismantled our living room and den and taken everything...except one thing. Even though it was sitting, plain as day, on the coffee table, they took my wife and daughter's iPads but left mine behind. Why? Because it was in a P&Q case that camouflaged it to look like a book. Thieves don't steal books. Once we began to recoup our losses, after the insurance company paid us for the loss, whenever I bought anything portable, I bout a P&Q case for it. These cases are now mandatory in my home. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the robbery and the thieves were caught (as I said, it was the handy-man and a few of his buddies; he had been in doing some work and apparently coveted our things, so he came back to get them late that night), but now we protect our devices in cases that are not just great at keeping your device from damage, but also hide them in plain sight.
I know this review is long winded already, but let me give a quick comment on how the device inside gets protected by the P&Q case. I am not sure if this is a design feature, but the case holds my iPad or MacBook very snugly with the rubber gaskets. However, if you drop it, what happens is that the case absorbs the impact and releases the iPad, so it only falls a few inches. It acts like a break-away rope in a sense. Again, I don't know if this is a design feature, all I know is that it has saved my, and my girls' iPads on a number of occasions.
Great product, outstanding customer service (I could go on and on about how they bent over backwards to get me a case on the quick when I was about to leave for Iraq, where I work, but call them yourselves and you'll see how dedicated they are), and a great secondary application (theft deterrent). Get one-you won't be sorry. As I said, soon every portable device in my family's arsenal will be protected by P&Q. In my opinion, yours should be too. (Posted on 2/14/14)

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