K3 Keeper for Kindle Keyboard®/Kindle® 3

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kindle book cover case

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Hand Crafted in Minneapolis

For those who love the versatility of e-readers, but still enjoy the feel of holding a real book it’s universally the best of times. Whether you choose the KIndle Keyboard, Kindle 4, or the Kindle Touch we’ve got you covered.

Our leather bound bookbindery case for the Kindle Keyboard/Kindle 3 replicates the feel of a vintage book while housing your Kindle in a sturdy wood frame. Since we didn’t scrooge on our materials you might think the Kindle Keepers are cumbersome, but these works of art are lightweight and provide wonderful protection for your Kindle Keyboard. Wrapped in Spanish bonded leather and lined with real bookbindery cloth, this case will truly bring back the feel of holding an actual book in your hand...because you are!


- Hand made in Minneapolis employing traditional bindery techniques

- Covered in onyx black Spanish bonded leather cover

- Beautiful satin finished Baltic Birch frame

- Spine provides 'paperback' reading with full wrap-around folding

- Provides unique theft deterrence

- Classic PQ 'bookmark' for device removal

- Traditional elastic strap closure

- Weight - 7oz

Dimensions (in inches): 5.75 wide x 8.25 long x .7 deep

Customer Reviews

Review by Jay
I've used my case for about a year now, and it's hard to tell it's not brand new. My colleagues do occasionally mistake it for a journal, especially from a distance, and compliment it uniformly. These cases are a good value at full price and even more so at a discount if you're buying for an older product whose case is on sale. (Posted on 8/31/14)
Review by Cam
A well made, high quality product. Very happy with my new Kindle case. Even happier with Pad and Quill customer service.

There was a mistake and my case could not be deliver and was returned to Pad and Quill. I contacted Pad and Quill via email and received a reply within 24hours. Customer sevice representative help me sort out the problem and the case was sent out to Australia (I originally had it shipped within the US)with no extra charge. Highly recommended Pad and Quill. (Posted on 5/23/14)
Review by Chel
I love my Pad and Quill Kindle Keyboard case. I've gone through two Kindles (and two cases) since 2009, and they aged just about on par.
The first case I got back in '09, and I think it was one of the first versions Pad and Quill put out. Lovely, secure, and well built. The only parts that wore out were the strap and the part of the spine that formed the hinges.
The second case was probably a year or so ago and everything had improved. Plus there was both a pocket and interior color option! I use it every day and frequently carry it around in my bag and the only way to tell that it isn't brand new is by the scratch I gave it across the cover.
I'm looking at other brands for my newest Kindle 4 (because of the price) and I keep coming back to Pad and Quill because everything else really just pales in comparison. (Posted on 12/26/13)
Review by Abby
I just got my case yesterday (after only waiting a week for shipping!) and it's amazing. The leather on the outside is smooth and supple and looks like it's good quality. The wood on the inside is smooth with no rough edges and my kindle fits in tightly so there's absolutely no worries of it falling out. I even shook it around to check. I'd read some reviews that said the page turn buttons were hard to press but I don't find that at all. In fact it's easier for me since it's all held so tightly. Also the elastic that holds it closed is thick and sturdy and feels really well attached to the book. All in all I'm VERY happy that I got my case from Pad and Quill. I researched the other brands and they just didn't seem as well made or as attractive. (Posted on 1/25/12)

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