The Luxury Oxford Case for iPad Air®



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The Oxford Case for iPad Air

Product Details

The Short Story: Simply elegant and functional.


Pulling out your iPad Air just became a new experience in tactile perfection. Whether it’s reading in the evening or getting some work done, on the desk this handmade case provides a minimalist iPad Air case approach that adds thick, smooth leather and soft suede. Prop it, hold it like a paperback, either way your going to love touching it. We won’t tell.

  • Full grain rugged American leather in two gorgeous color options
  • Minamilist design
  • Self-propping for daily iPad Air use
  • On/Off feature Built in, just close the book!
  • Lined with super soft, but tough suede liner with Pocket
  • Wraps back like a paperback for the everyday reading
  • 25 year leather warranty - Yes
  • 30 day money back promise
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Are you a heavy iPad case remover? No worries - we sell extra adhesive below.

Drone age technology meets classic leather craftsmanship in this simply magnificent case for iPad Air. Crafted from American full grain leather, parachute grade stitching and a soft suede lining, this self propping case holds your iPad Air in place with 3M double adhesive technology. Your co-workers' jaw may drop but your iPad never will.

Dimensions: 9.7in x 7 in x 0.5in

Weight: 10 oz.


The Full Tale


The Leather: The Best.

When you consider our leather quality, begin by sorting a 100 hides of American grass-fed cattle. You might select 15-20 hides and now you are holding the best hides in the world, period. Those other 80 hides are split, chopped, pressed, stamped, dyed and shipped to some overseas 'genuine' leather factory. Our hides are shipped to San Poncho, Mexico where they are skillfully tanned, old world style, all the way through top to bottom. When Alvaro at our factory receives our leather, it is inspected and then turned over to our craftsman where every hide is marked to designate the best section for the single piece of leather for your iPad Air case.

The Craftsman: Qualified.

You're not going to find an assembly line here; we entrust the cutting to several seamstress who work by hand to prepare the leather panels for assembly. Your iPad Air case is then stitched together with parachute grade thread by one of our guys who have been sewing on average for 15-20 years. In San Poncho, the seamstress art is passed from father to son, generation after generation. Quality so exquisite you might just might want to hug our craftsman. We know you won’t be able to stop touching the iPad case.

Stitching: Strength.

See scenario one and two above. Now substitute parachutes thread for that spool of stuff you used to fly your bi-colored kite as a kid.  You never did find that kite, did you? Your iPad Air case is going to protect and hold together for a very long time.

Lining: Durable. 

We went to the shoe industry to find a super soft lining that is velvet like to the touch, but seriously strong. This cloth will endure any paces you put your iPad Air through.

Adhesive: Super Duper Strong.

We worked with Minnesota’s own 3M to develop an adhesive technology that would provide great adhesion but leave your iPad Air clean when you remove it.  You might find the strength jaw dropping, but your iPad won’t drop.  For heavy iPad removers, we got you covered and if you like to take your iPad out every day we recommend getting a refresh pack for around 8 bucks.

Pad & Quill Promise

We back up this leather case with a 25 year leather warranty and a 30 day Money back Promise. Welcome to the family!

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