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Best Charging Pads for iPhone X & iPhone 8

best iphone wireless charging pads

The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X have introduced Qi wireless charging capabilities that work with any Qi-compatible charger. This means you can now charge your iPhone on many 3rd party wireless charging pads. Read on to find the best compatible iPhone 8 & iPhone X wireless charging pads we have found.

iPhone X Charging Pad On A Budget

iphone 8 wireless charging pad

The Choetech 7.5W wireless charging pad is a great buy for anybody looking to charge wirelessly on a budget. It provides enough power to charge an iPhone X through most cases, although it can be a bit finicky when it comes to a slightly thicker case like the Luxury Book for iPhone X. How you position your iPhone on the pad is very important. They recommend taking your iPhone out of the case when charging for best results, our own tests have confirmed this. However, the price and quality are hard to beat on a budget as it clocks in at around $15. Check it out.

Super Powerful iPhone X Charging Pad

iphone x wireless charging

Choetech makes a much more powerful 3 coil Qi charging pad for iPhone X that is only a few dollars more. This charging pad and has a much wider charging area thanks to the triple coil construction and it works consistently and seamlessly through even the thickest Pad & Quill iPhone X cases. It has a rubber grip on top and bottom so it feels solid, and your iPhone is held in place nice and securely when you set it down. This charger does not come with a wall adaptor though, they say to use the one that comes with your iPhone X. Available for around $20. Check it out here.

Apple Recommended iPhone X Charging Pad

mophie iphone x wireless charging pad

If you want an Apple recommended product, the Mophie Wireless Charging Base is currently on sale on the online Apple store. It features non-slip housing to ensure perfect iPhone placement, and it also includes a wall adapter for charging right out of the box. The round shape has a slim profile and it looks and feels quite professional. They also say that a high-speed wireless charging update will be coming later this year to charge your iPhone even faster. It is about 3x more expensive than the above options, though, costing around $60 at the time of this article. Check it out here.

The Best Wireless Charging Station For iPhone X

iphone x wireless charging station

While there are surely many innovations yet to come in this space, the Pi Charger is the most exciting one we've seen. It is not shipping yet but it claims to be able to charge Qi-compatible devices wirelessly at a range of up to 1 foot in any direction. You don't need physical contact with it at all. Just set your iPhone down anywhere within a foot of the charger and it will begin charging. The closer you set your phone to the station, the faster it will charge. Pretty cool stuff. It will likely cost around $200 and will be shipping sometime in 2018. Check it out here.

Apple has also announced they will be releasing their own wireless charging pad later this year, however details are scarce as to its features. All Pad & Quill iPhone X cases and iPhone 8 cases are fully compatible with wireless charging and will work with any of the above listed options.

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