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  • Judging A Book By It's Cover


    Here at Pad & Quill we make cases and bookbindery covers for iPads, iPhones etc, so we want you to judge our books by their cover. This is not an adage to live one’s life by though, as has often been admonished in our collective history. So, when a young, black, highly tattooed, youth approached me this morning, asking if there was any work he could do for me for pay, quickly demonstrating his willingness to pull weeds or mow, I pushed aside my little mama bear radar that perks up in every stranger situation. Continue reading

  • Cloudy With a Chance of Diamonds


    “Mom, did you know it rains diamonds on Neptune?” Continue reading

  • How To Take Care Of Leather

    how to care for leather

    At Pad & Quill, we use extremely high-quality full grain leathers from one of the most reputable leather tanneries in North America. Our leather bags and cases are fully oiled, tanned, and waterproofed from day one. We are confident in the quality of the leather, and it's workmanship, which is why we guarantee it for at least 25 years.

    However, well-maintained leather can last much much longer if it is taken care of properly. There are leather bags from over 100 years ago that are as good now as they were the day they were made and maybe even better!

    All products made from leather will age with time. The aging effect on leather is called a "patina" and can't be replicated by any artificial means. A patina develops from everyday use and handling of your leather product. As you use the bag, it gets marks and scratches, lighter spots where the leather flexes, darker spots where your hands touch frequently, and smoother spots where it rubs. The oils and waxes from the leather move around and balance everything out into a bag that has a character and life-story that is as unique as you are. These leather goods become true heirlooms to their owners.

    This is why we are proud to release three new leather care products: our waterproofing Leather Balm, conditioning Leather Oil, and our deeply restoring Leather Cleaner. With proper care, your leather bags, wallets, and cases will stand the test of time and age beautifully as well.

    Continue reading

  • Mrs. PQ Celebrates 48 Years


    I turned 48 last week and a particularly kind friend of mine was insistent that I celebrate another year, in spite of my routine and annual desire to pretend that day does not exist. Continue reading

  • 5 Ways To Fix & Keep iPhone Charger Cables From Breaking

    how to fix broken iphone cord

    Frayed cables, broken iPhone cords, and non-syncing charger cables are the bane of every Apple user everywhere since the dawn of the smartphone. Here are our top 5 tips & tricks to repair and protect iPhone charger cords and keep them from breaking in the first place. Continue reading

  • Superheroes and Their Phones

    superhero cell phone

    In lieu of Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice coming out, it felt like the right time to finally discuss something that DC Comics and Marvel seem to be ignoring. How do superheroes keep their phones in one piece?

    When you can run at the speed of light, lift a building and dismantle just about any robot, how in the world do you keep your phone from not breaking into a million pieces? Maybe it’s just me but I feel like spandex, leather and lycra don’t leave much pocket space to boot.

    But being the comic book owning, media fanatic with a collection of superhero onesies, I felt it only appropriate to delve into exactly how superheroes go about using, storing and keeping their phones safe. Continue reading

  • iPad Pro 9.7 Review- This Is The iPad You Were Looking For

    iPad Pro 9.7 ReviewThe iPad has long been a favorite device here at PQ headquarters. It is the tablet that launched our company, and it remains near and dear to our heart down to this day. When the first iPad Pro came out, we pulled out all the stops and decided to use the new 12.9" tablet as our primary computing device for running the company as an experiment. It went reasonably well. So when the iPad Pro 9.7 came out, we decided to try the same thing.

    With their newest tablet, Apple is aiming to appeal to 2 different customer sets at the same time. On the one hand, they want to entice previous generation iPad owners to upgrade to the newest version. On the other hand, they are trying to appeal to the desktop and laptop users, specifically PC users, in order to get them to use an iPad as their primary computing device. By giving it the 'Pro' moniker, it is also indicitive that they want this device to appeal to a professional user base as well. On some fronts, they have succeeded with flying colors. However, there is still some room for iOS to grow. Read on for our full review of the iPad Pro 9.7. Continue reading

  • Definitive Guide On How To Clean Every Part Of Your iPhone

    How to clean your iPhone Screen, Buttons, Speakers, Charging port, Microphone, Headphone Jack, and more!

    An iPhone is an extension of ourself, it is an outward manifestation of our inner being. It is also a giant germ magnet that has been known to harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat. Let’s face it, even the best iPhone case around can’t protect your iPhone from getting dirty. So for all you clean freaks out there, here’s our comprehensive guide on how to clean every part of your iPhone from home button to headphone jack and make it shine like new. Continue reading

  • How To Save Battery Life On Your iPhone 6 (and any other iPhone)

    how to save battery life on iPhone 6

    So your phone is dying as you try to buy tickets for the midnight premier of the latest superhero smashup spectacular. Typical. Even though battery life in Apple devices has slowly been ticking upward, most iPhones still struggle to last a full day of heavy usage. Sure you can make it with limited use, but if your job is all about being plugged into social media (i.e. the person writing this post) then it gets tricky. You either have to carry a charger at all times and join the ranks of wall huggers in every cafe in the US, or schlep a spare battery pack with you constantly. So if you are looking for ways to conserve and save battery life on your iPhone 6 (or any other iPhone really), here is a list of tips to help. Continue reading

  • What Makes A Craftsman?

    Leather Craftswoman Image credit Claudia Coker.

    When we hear the word "craftsman" it brings to mind many different images. A master carpenter in his workshop surrounded by tools, a chef putting the finishing touches on a dish before it goes out, a musician tirelessly coaxing harmonious notes out of strings and steel, or a mother deftly assembling her children's favorite breakfast of Mickey Mouse pancakes.

    Indeed, craftsmen (and craftswomen) come in many different forms, but they all share one common trait Continue reading

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