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  • Freezer Burned

    Attention iTunes App developers, I need help, again.  As I continue my Pinterest inspired assault on our disorganized home, I delved into the freezer in search of an idea for Wednesday’s supper.  Having a few extra minutes, it seemed an opportune time to initiate and archeological type dig to the bottom, hoping the history of my purchases ceased somewhere in mid 2013.  Having passed into the third Costco layer, I discovered a beautifully shrink wrapped pork tenderloin.   As I’d already unearthed another package marked “beef for stew or other” I retired from my work and returned to the kitchen to commence thawing my discoveries in a sink of hot water.  (Hint: infinitely better then microwaving).  With a mid April snow falling softly by the windows, I consulted with Tyler Florence to discover a means of heating up the evening and the tenderloin.

    Tyler Florence Chimmichurri

    Chimmichurri warms you up just by saying the word repeatedly, all the more so if you salsa while repeating.  Some time mid-morning I went to check on the thawing status only to discover the product label attached to my pristine pink loins.  “Sell by 07/02/2011”.  2011?  How in the world is there something in my freezer that almost predates iPad 2?  Oh the humanity, if it’s pink is it still edible?  Not according to Mr. PQ, so the dogs will be dining on pork for the next several weeks and we got “other”  “Other” was a delicious Irish Stew, which we inexplicably ate standing huddled in the kitchen.


    I need an app akin to my clothing app idea that allows me to inventory my pantry and freezers, constructing a week of menus for breakfasts and dinners.  I’d like a shopping list and a QR code reader or UPC code reader that uploads the product data and adds it to my virtual pantry and refrigerator.  The app would have an alert when I am out of something or running low on an essential ingredient, say rice (which we eat at least twice a week).   I also need to be able to set preparation time, for the days I leave home at 7am and return at 6:30pm with an “emaciated” crew.  Above all else, I need a nuclear bomb type alarm that warns me a prior purchase is seeping slowly into the Mesozoic Era and she be branded extinct.


    I’d pay an enhancement fee if the app linked to the Chore-inator an intuitive app I discovered at iWorld that works amazingly well at distributing household responsibility.


    Realizing this request for life enhancing technology threatens my identity as Mrs. Quill, I’ll cut this post short enabling the youngster and I adequate time to snowshoe to school.


  • Those words don't go together

    One of my early job requirements for Pad & Quill was to become familiar with Pinterest and like many of my technology adaptations, I began with a shudder, gave it a noble effort then abandoned it when I couldn’t recall my sign in information.  Then a friend of mine announced her engagement and suddenly Pinterest was the only proper means of communication with the female side of the bridal party.  So, I hunted down my sign in information and began once again perusing the form of social media that most certainly is the insurance asset should Martha Stewart find herself incarcerated again.  Thanks to Pinterest, I am now convinced that baking soda and vinegar are the solution to every domestic dilemma from dust mites to indigestion.


    Speaking of indigestion, Pinterest had me arranging my refrigerator in alphabetical order, with the helpful “m” admonition that any item rendered nondescript due to a colony of mold growth be discarded.  Was Christmas really 4 months ago?  By far my favorite letter to organize was “C” as in chocolate and cheese, the incontrovertible couple of comfort.  After dispatching the indistinguishable, I discovered I had an amiable array of cheeses, including both artisan and everyday staples.  Lacking an idea for dinner it seemed brilliant to melt them into a marvelous crock of mystery mac and cheese.


    Since I am now leading a Pinterest life, it was only reasonable to complete the trifecta and post an Instagram of said dish to Facebook.  In the process of compiling a pithy comment to accompany my post, I typed the word “artisanal” only to have one of those parallel universe-spelling encounters where you swear a word should be spelled one way but spell checker asininely insists you are wrong.  My culinary sense wanted to convey the buttery goodness of hand crafted cheeses, but my aging eyes could only see “art is anal”.  And as Mr. PQ pointed out in his “comment”, anal and dinner really shouldn’t be in the same sentence.  The dietitian in me wanted to point out that there is only about 31 feet of separation between the two (7 inches of esophagus, about 6 for the stomach, 25 feet for the small intestine, and 5 feet for the large intestine- for you non physiology types) but the writer in my was stuck on anal art.


    “Art is anal” seemed so crass when describing the cache of excellence the word evokes.  But that got me thinking, good art, art that can be appreciated for it’s beauty, creativity and inspiration probably is anal at some level.  It’s rare to achieve wonder without tedious attention to detail and craftsmanship.  We see this in every Traveler iPhone 5 case that is stitched with parachute thread, and every Midtown wallet that is meticulously cut from full grain leather.   We want our craftsmen to be ‘anal’ so that we can assure you, our customer, are receiving the pride of what we have to offer.


    And, in case you were wondering, the mystery mac was delicious!

  • A tribute to Dad, A tribute to the Craftsman

    The Traveler case for iPhone 5/5S

    Our Dad, a veteran of World War II, carried a hand-stitched, leather coin pouch that he as likely picked up at his local Men’s Store as from a street vendor in Afghanistan, one of the many countries he lived in during his life.  He used this rugged pouch to carry a cache of coins that could be distributed to delight a six year-old son who had spotted a bubblegum dispenser or to purchase a cup of coffee for a friend in need of a listening ear and a shoulder of support.  That coin pouch exemplified a truism about Dad Holmes; he always had a little something set aside to give.  Over several decades that pouch was opened thousands of times, and yet when he passed, every stitch had remained in place, the leather, though worn, held true.

    When we embarked on the design process to bring a collection of leather wallets and a slim lined, but durable iPhone 5/5s case, we turned to Dad’s coin pouch for inspiration.  The three Pad & Quill litmus tests we focused on were: superior craftsmanship, beauty in design and evoking history and adventure.  These were all encapsulated in that one little coin pouch.




    This slim-line iPhone 5/5s case is crafted by hand, from premium, full-grain leather.  It’s a curious blend of avant-garde and old fangled innovation, with French Piping, turned edges, parachute stitching and a clever slide pocket to hold your ID and credit cards.  No two cases are same due to natural leather and hand assembly. The Traveler slides with ease into your pocket, it’s designed to carry anywhere and to take everywhere.


    Introducing the New Pad & Quill Wallets!

    The Midtown Wallet

    Wallets-513This micro wallet is a perfect compliment to our iPhone cases or leather bags.  Crafted with the same superior materials of full grain leather and parachute thread, this wallet holds numerous cards and cash while maintaining a low profile that slides easily into a back pocket or a suit coat.  We’ve removed the plastic ID shield, assuring that this wallet will become a talisman of your own legacy. Includes our signature cherry wood ampersand.

    The Odyssey Wallet

    1 - Odyssey_KeyPhoto

    Destined to become a classic, this Pad & Quill travel wallet is a design team favorite.  Hand stitched, premium full grain leather, articulated into a billfold that will carry your Passport, cash, cards, tickets and other amenities, for your tempestuous as well as tame travels.   The Odyssey is particularly designed for international travel including a finely crafted pen from Japan you’ll require while passing through customs documents. Includes our signature cherry wood ampersand.

    The Journeyman Wallet

    1 Journeyman_KeyPhoto

    With names like The Traveler and the Midtown, Petula Clark would be pleased if we named our new bi-fold wallet The Downtown, but this creation is anything but carefree.  The Journeyman is intentionally designed with eye-catching beauty, which will wear like an old bomber jacket.  Crafted from full grain leather, hand stitched parachute thread and rigorous attention to detail, the versatility of this wallet will impress you and everyone you encounter when you slide it from your pocket.  Constructed with multiple card slots, cash holders and some nifty hidden compartments, this is a classic take everywhere wallet.  We even considered including a laminated Pad&Quill business card, because, yes, you will be asked about it that often. Includes our signature cherry wood ampersand

    Brian and Kari

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  • Tech Savvy? Heck yeah.

    “You should plan to be at the Pad & Quill headquarters by 11 on Friday, we are filming so you need to look cute?  What?  Don’t I always look cute?  Here I thought Mr. PQ was a fan of flannels and jeans.  But I digress.  We are shooting some video footage as introduction to our new line of leather goods and iPhone cases, very exciting.   Now back to cute, here’s where I need help, comprehensive, someone raids my closet and takes me shopping help.  Help which assures me that 7 gray t-shirts and 3 pairs of jeans does not a wardrobe make.  Don’t get me wrong, I do own other clothes.  Mr. PQ is an amazing shopper, he buys me things.  He even buys me outfits.  I just don’t know what to do with the clothes on a day-to-day basis, and jeans and a t-shirt are seamless, especially when I can throw in my old leather kicks as an accessory.  Solid, until the filming of a video arises.  So, here is where my million-dollar idea kicks in.


    Attention app developers, I need help.  I want someone to write me an app that allows me to enter all of my clothes into a virtual closest, it needs a function where I can move the clothes to a dirty laundry bin so as to take them from “inventory” until I do a load of wash.  Then I want to enter what I am doing that day, e.g. bookkeeping, personal training, trail running, house cleaning, or date night with hubby.  I also want to be able to enter my mood, e.g. “a little crabby, it’s that time of the month” or “spring baby!”  Or “be at the warehouse at 11 and look cute and don’t be nervous” The app would compile that data and shoot me out a few possible options.  Like this on my Pintrest page.


    Retailers could make a fortune as they could post little ads to my app that would suggest things for me to buy, and give me coupon love that is oh so hard to turn down.  (An aside, Gap I love your clothes, but please stop showcasing new arrivals on models that weigh about 47 pounds.)


    This of course brings me to a few other techie devices I’d actually buy, hint to Apple, I’m a terrific product tester.


    Lifeprinter, a new kickstarter campaign, which looks so simply wonderful that we backed it.    The Star Wars shirt under the suit coat should sell you, if nothing else does.


    iBracelet with wireless headphones.  For those long runs when, inevitably the sounds of your own breathing is going to drive you nutty.  Hello Apple, product tester here!


    So, let it not be said that Mrs PQ doesn’t have just a little tech saavy.


    Mrs PQ

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