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  • Best iPhone 7 Wallet Cases for Work & Play

    iphone 7 plus wallet cases

    These days it seems like we carry our iPhone more closely than our own wallets! In fact, thanks to the iPhone Wallet app, many of us have ditched our old billfold altogether. However, we still need a spot to carry our driver's license and that. holdout credit card. Plus, as grandpa says, always carry $21.51 on you at all times. Thankfully at Pad & Quill, we've got you covered with a plethora of iPhone wallet case options that combine the best of both worlds! Continue reading

  • Pad & Quill's Best iPad Pro 10.5 Cases

    best iPad Pro 10.5 cases

    The new iPad Pro 10.5 is a very welcome addition to the iPad Pro family. The new larger screen and deeper integration with the Apple Pencil make it a powerhouse of productivity. Of course, Pad & Quill has its roots in the iPad. Our very first cases ever were for the original iPad back in 2010. Therefore we are proud to show off 3 new artisan-made iPad Pro Cases that enhance and compliment the new 10.5 tablet luxuriously. Continue reading

  • How to Organize Your New Leather Messenger Bag

    organize messenger bag

    You’ve brought home a new leather messenger bag and are hoping to instantly get using it. The full grain leather and Cordura fabric are ready for any adventure or business trip. But as you look at the countless pockets, sleeves, and compartments you begin to wonder how exactly to get the best use out of your newest leather bag. Here at Pad & Quill with a full lineup of tips and tricks to get the best use out of your newest Messenger Bag

    Eliminate Excess in Your Leather Laptop Bag

    leather messenger bag

    When using a new bag, your first instinct may be to stuff it full with every essential you’ve ever owned. While a Pad & Quill messenger bag can carry everything you need and more, you’ll want to make sure you can actually find what you’re looking for instead of having to dig around a la Mary Poppins.

    The Pad & Quill leather Messenger bag is the perfect laptop bag with a laptop sleeve and additional compartments. Use these to your advantage and pick out the items you need to have every day. Your Contega Case? Need. 10 pictures of your baby? Leave at home. Your coworkers will thank you.

    Use Your Messenger Bag's Compartments & Storage Capacity

    leather satchel storage

    A great leather laptop bag does more than just store your laptop and a great Messenger is no different. Keep a few pens, a charger and your Slim Credit Card wallet in the organized spaces of the messenger bag. If you find yourself wishing you had something with you daily, it’s the perfect sign to pack it in with your other essentials. Not using something at all? Leave it at home, in the car or at the office and open up perfect space for the items you really need.

    With an easy access back pocket and quick open clasp, your items will never be far from reach but allow you to travel with ease and style. It’s always a good idea to carry a few writing utensils, a handy pocketbook, glasses, a little extra cash and your technology. Store an extra book, iPad or portfolio in the main compartment to keep it on hand. Take some time with your bag to decide how to store everything and pack the night before to make sure you are not rushing and throwing

    Organize Your Leather Messenger Bag with Pad & Quill!

    messenger travel bag

    Your leather Messenger bag is the perfect companion to carry your workday essentials. Keeping it organized is a pinch when primed with the right components. Take a few minutes to organize your new Messenger bag for easy traveling. Then combine with a perfect iPad case, wallet or leather iPhone case from Pad & Quill to keep your life stylish and organized.

    Bring home a new leather Messenger bag from Pad & Quill today!

  • Credit Card Wallets: Picking the Best Minimalist Leather Wallet

    credit card wallet

    Often the choices for a credit card wallet can feel overwhelming. Enter slim wallets as the modern take on the varied history of the billfold. A great leather wallet can stand the test of time and with new slim designs from Pad & Quill, the functionality of a slim credit card wallet continues to grow. We’ve highlighted the functions of three of our favorite styles of credit card wallets from Pad & Quill to help you decide which best suits your lifestyle.

    The Original Slim Credit Card Wallet

    credit card wallet

    The Slim Credit Card Wallet is the perfect minimalist accessory for carrying your essentials on the go. With an ID window and easy access pocket, there's enough room for the basics. Whether you use an e-wallet or prefer to have to keep track of fewer cards, the slim credit card wallet does it all. It's the perfect leather wallet to slip in your pocket. Though small, it functions like a normal wallet while still allowing you to keep your essentials close by.

    The Slim Front Pocket Wallet: Essentials On the Go

    front pocket wallet

    The Slim Front Pocket Wallet carries what you need while never bulking up an outfit. Carry a small amount of cash in the fold, a few credit cards, and your ID and never feel weighed down by its minimalist design. Utilize the pull tab to quickly access your cards. The slim wallet easily fits in your front pocket and leaves your hands free for any adventure.

    The Slim Fold Wallet: A Classic Bi-Fold Revised

    slim fold wallet

    The Slim Fold Wallet is the slim wallet that can act like a classic bi-fold while packing down into a manageable size. It easily holds 5-8 cards and cash with an ID window to keep your license close at hand. From your morning coffee shop run to happy hour drinks in the evening, this leather wallet holds what you need with easy access when you need it. Carry your essentials but keep them from bulking up or overflowing with a sensible bi-fold. Looking for the wallet that can do it all? Then you've found it in the Slim Fold.

    Finding A Perfect Multifunctional Credit Card Wallet

    credit card wallet

     Find the perfect credit card wallet comes down to find the functionality that suits your needs. From the extra minimal credit card wallet to the more classic bi-fold, a wallet sets the standards of a wardrobe. Each Pad & Quill full-grain leather wallet is meant to last with a modern touch to separate it from your dad's wallet. With multifunctionality and minimalist style, a slim wallet adds a touch of style for the modern person while ruggedly standing the tests of time.

    Bring home your credit card wallet from Pad & Quill today!

  • Leather Laptop Bags for Travel : Picking the Perfect Laptop Sleeve

    leather laptop bag

    Find a perfect leather laptop bag can feel as difficult as trying to pick out the perfect laptop. From the flimsy to the overbearing, a laptop bag has to keep your tech safe while traveling compact. From versatility to comfort, Pad & Quill has designed a perfect lineup of leather laptop bags for your every need.

    Versatility in Leather Laptop Bags

    leather laptop sleeve


    A great laptop bag is one that can handle any situation. The Valet Slim Leather Laptop Sleeve is the perfect laptop case and laptop bag for any occasion. Prop up your laptop with ease to write a quick email on the go. Then, slip your laptop into your Valet and it goes from a leather laptop case to leather laptop sleeve in moments.

    Slim Leather Laptop Bags

    leather laptop bags

    When on the go, keeping items ready is essential. While a MacBook case offers protection, it also means less ability to use your laptop in its original lightweight format. With a Valet Luxury Laptop Sleeve, carrying and using your laptop becomes a breeze. Fit it into your favorite Pad & Quill Backpack or carry it on its own. It’s easy to access handle makes travel hassle-free.

    Durable Leather Laptop Bags

    leather laptop sleeve

    Laptop bags can be found anywhere and while $10 at Target may feel like a worthwhile purchase in the short run, when your laptop falls out on the ground the repair costs will leaving you not enjoy your travels. At Pad & Quill, only the best materials are used in our luxury leather laptop bags. Full grain leather, parachute-grade nylon stitching, and copper rivets mean your leather laptop sleeve will outlast your MacBook and still be in great condition for years after.

    Travel With the Perfect Laptop Bag or Sleeve

    slim laptop bag

    Whether you find yourself on the go from dawn till dusk or are looking for the perfect way to enjoy a cup of coffee while at work, a leather laptop bag is a must for travel. A great laptop sleeve will keep your laptop safe from miles 2 to 2000.


    Bring home your favorite Pad & Quill laptop bag!

  • Clean Your Bag: How to Clean Canvas and Leather Goods

    clean your bag

    You’ve brought home your new Pad & Quill bag and love it. Your bag has traveled with you all over. But as Mrs. PQ says, with life comes dirt. From those old candy wrappers stuck to the bottom to that unfortunate coffee stain on the corner, a good bag ages with its owner. Follow these steps to clean your bag and have it looking like new in no time. Continue reading

  • Picking a Perfect Leather Wallet: From Classic to Modern

    perfect wallet

    When it comes to modern wallets, there are plenty of options for picking a perfect leather wallet. Wallets today find themselves in two camps. Classic wallets, with their perfect sizing and throwback, traditionally march right alongside the Modern wallets, meant to keep up with the explosion of technology, carrying less and keeping everything slim. Here at Pad & Quill, we’ve built a collection of wallets to satisfy both parties, while staying true to our favorite materials and craftsmanship. We've collected together perfect leather wallets for everyone, from the modernists to the traditionalist and you can find which one is perfect for you here!

    Continue reading

  • The Perfect Multifunctional Bag: How to Pick the Best Lifestyle Bag

    multifunctional bag

    You’ve reached the point where your reliable old bag can’t possibly last another minute. The straps are fraying, the bottom is nearly worn through and its original color is indistinguishable. But search through the internet and there will be more bags to choose from than new Fast and Furious movies. At Pad & Quill, we’ve crafted a full lineup of multifunctional bags for the professional, the adventure-seeker and everything in between. Picking the perfect multi-functional bag will feel like a breeze with these helpful tips here.

    Continue reading

  • iPad Rumors : Everything to Know Before the Big Announcement

    .iPad speculations

    As March begins, so do the rumors and speculations about Apple’s annual spring announcement. While often not as extensive as the fall releases, the spring is often a practice run for Apple. They are able to release everything from new watch bands to reconfigured iPhones. Often, the March release is Apple's time to refresh old products. This March, the rumor mill is buzzing about a new iPad line. iPad rumors have grown big and small all over the internet. Hints from new sizes to changes in design are swirling, and we are already working on new iPad Pro 2 Cases. We’ve compiled all the rumors here and will update as new information becomes available. Continue reading

  • Wallet Origins and the History of the Everyday Essential

    history-of-walletsGrowing up, a wallet was the mark of adulthood. From carrying your first paycheck to your everyday essentials, wallets journey with us through the ups and downs of life. The average guy keeps his wallet for about 7 years, and during that time it becomes a familiar companion. At Pad & Quill, we've quickly fallen in love with our wallets and the history they carry with us. From the simplicity of the Slim Credit Card Wallet to the sturdiness of the Classic Journeyman, each wallet we design is meant to travel with you on your adventures. During the process of designing and innovating new wallets, we have also taken a look back through time to see the journey the wallet has taken and the history it carries with it. Read on to learn the fascinating history of the wallet! Continue reading

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