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  • Meet the Pad & Quill iPad Pro Cases

    It's official, the iPad Pro is huge (see what we did there?). All puns aside, we have been loving our new iPad Pro here at PQ HQ and Mr. PQ himself has hailed it as the "anti-laptop." After using the Pro for the past week in place of a desktop computer or MacBook, everything else just looks and feels boring. Since the Pro is so large, it definitely requires some kind of case and protection. So without further ado, let's meet the Pad & Quill lineup of our best iPad Pro cases:

    Meet The Contega Linen iPad Pro Case and Stand

    iPad Pro Case and Stand

    Our signature case for the iPad Pro, the Contega Linen, is what we are all about here. We've combined old world bookbindery techniques with a brand new design for the Pro, the result is a truly outstanding iPad Pro book case.


    We've wrapped this iPad Pro case in archival quality Buckram linen cloth, the same cloth used to cover hardback books in the US Library of Congress. Buckram cloth is exceptionally durable, water resistant, feels fantastic in the hand, and can stand up to decades of heavy use. On the inside, we've lined he Contega with a special rubberized surface that is super grippy. This allows you to prop up your iPad Pro and use it in multiple angles whether you are watching Masterpiece or composing your next novel.

    wooden iPad Pro CaseAudiophiles will rejoice, we have redesigned our Baltic Birch wooden frame especially for the iPad Pro's new four-speaker design. With four specially shaped sound channels etched into the frame itself, the case acts as a speaker box for the iPad Pro, directing the stereo sound towards you and warming it immensely.

    iPad Pro Keyboard Case and Stand

    Our signature bookmark accent plays the perfect Watson to the Contega's Sure-loc bumper system (there we go with the puns... again). The bumpers hold the iPad firmly in place, and the bookmark can be pulled to remove the Pro with a single tug. All of this wraps up into a beautiful package with the Moleskine style thick elastic band.

    iPad Pro Book Case

    Hearkening back to the days of leather bound journals and legendary wordsmiths, the Contega is the iPad Pro case that would impress the pants off Hemmingway, fell Fitzgerald on the spot, and throw Thoreau for a loop.

    Check out the Contega Linen iPad Pro Case here!


    Meet The Contega Thin iPad Pro Case

    thin ipad pro case

    In the Contega Thin case for iPad Pro we have a case for hardback book fans who are minimalists at heart. We've taken everything awesome about the Contega Linen case and slimmed it down substantially. Our customers love the super slim profile of this case that offers durable protection and lots of functionality without any added bulk.

    slim ipad pro case

    Covered in our legendarily durable Buckram linen cloth, the same cloth used in the Library of Congress book binderies, this case will last for a very long time. The iPad sits just inside the rim so as to provide robust bump and drop protection to the edges. The cover folds completely open paperback book style for quick and convenient access. On the inside we have lined it with our high friction coefficient rubberized material that lets you turn this wrap around case into a multi-position iPad Pro stand in seconds. We've included two grooves in the case for optimal positioning when using on your lap or typing at a desk.

    ipad pro keyboard case

    Two strips of our specially formulated 3M clean release adhesive lock the iPad Pro in place and don't let go, until you want it to. This smart case is completely compatible with the Apple Keyboard Accessory turning this into a fantastic iPad Pro keyboard case. It secures closed with a moleskine style thick elastic band. If space is an issue, and you want a thin book style iPad Pro case that will take a lickin' and keep on ticken' then you can't go wrong with the Contega Thin.

    Check Out The Contega Thin iPad Pro Case Here


    Meet The Oxford Slim Leather iPad Pro Folio

    leather iPad Pro case

    Why bulk up if you don't have to? When it comes to leather slim cases for the iPad Pro, the Oxford Folio is in a league of its own. Constructed from a single piece of American Full-grain bridle quality saddle leather and available in either our red Chestnut saddle leather or our tan Whiskey saddle leather, your Pro will be wrapped in the unmatched luxury of a slim leather iPad Pro case.

    leather ipad pro folio

    But don't let the thin profile fool you, this case is all business! Celebrating the incredible design and functionality of the iPad Pro without adding any unnecessary bulk, this case is both a thin wrap-around folio case as well as a self-propping iPad Pro stand held together with marine-grade nylon stitching used in parachutes and sails. We have lined the Contega with our a velvet smooth suede leather that holds the iPad in place in multiple viewing angles. The smart front cover also has the perfect document pocket on the inside to hold your papers and even your Apple Pencil.

    slim leather ipad pro case

    The iPad is held in place with our specially formulated 3M clean-release adhesive that holds your Pro like a vice and never lets go, until you want it to. Your co-worker's jaws may drop, but your iPad never will.

    leather iPad pro keyboard case and stand

    And since being the best leather iPad Pro case on the market just wasn't enough for us, we have also made sure that the Oxford is completely compatible with the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard accessory from Apple. Leave the keyboard attached and fold the case up just like normal. You've got a leather wrapped workhorse in the palm of your hand.

    Check out the Oxford Leather iPad Pro Case here!


    Meet The Valet Leather iPad Pro Bag

    leather ipad pro bag

    Better than a personal assistant and classier than valet parking at a Michelin rated restaurant our leather iPad Pro bag carries your iPad Pro and all its accessories in style.

    leather bag for iPad pro

    Designed to keep your life organized, the Valet is part iPad Pro sleeve and part iPad Pro bag. It has a dedicated tablet pocket, 2 pen pockets to hold your Apple Pencil, a slot for your charger brick and cord, and another large compartment to hold your notebook. All this is wrapped in our classic full-grain American saddle leather, stitched with parachute grade stitching, and lined with an uber soft micro-fiber lining that cleans your screen while the iPad is in the case. It is as versatile and functional as it is gorgeous. You may just find that this bag replaces your personal assistant.

    leather sleeve for iPad Pro

    Here at Pad & Quill it's the little details that count in a design, and this case is chock full of stunning little details that all add up to one stunning package. A lay-flat handle attaches to the top of the leather iPad Pro sleeve to facilitate easy carry. Our signature bookmark accent works as a quick and easy tuck-closure system that includes hand-pounded copper rivets because... who doesn't love hand-pounded copper rivets?

    Coming with our 25-year leather warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, and Available in our rich Dark Chocolate brown leather or our luxurious Chestnut red leather, this bag is sure to draw envious stares from everybody in the boardroom.

    Check out the Valet Leather iPad Pro Bag here!

  • Wordsmithing and Voicemails of Puberty Past


    oj_UJcB7203JnY1kCdRXGNZLtC387juwI4l2wVfmTXg,Wqgxdnv3YpOejYIoO8JG5wgeD4OwuN9qwHsYtkZMdlA,GzyH9dfw7Cuwuryb9WwvEIqs_RkNkH1bManyu4E27B4In one of my personal training sessions this morning, I had to chastise a client with Parkinson's disease to continue diligence in his exercises. While my primary challenge is to help him retain his strength, balance and coordination, his vocal exercises are equally important. Regrettably, Parkinson's excels at something the noise of the universe constantly threatens to - stripping its victim of the ability to be heard.

    In this age of technology, the ability to speak, shout, sing, pray, protest, hate, love and give thanks is exponentially amplified. For me, this heightens a sense of responsibility to steward my words. When my one small voice is heard above the cacophony, I want it to humor or heighten, to encourage or edify, to challenges and perhaps, just perhaps, make a change.

    A humorous aside, my 15-year-old still has his 5th-grade voice as his voicemail message. The high squeak of puberty has aged into deeper, mellower tones that blend in with his older classmates. I find great humor at the thought of one of the many girls likely vying for his attention reaching his voicemail and shrieking in laughter with her girlfriends as they realize they haven't called the wrong number. Having said that, I'd best make a recording of his voicemail before he leaves school, as word of this blog will likely have a red-eared young man making some changes to his iPhone.

    The ability to be heard and to be heard for what you mean to say is invaluable. Dad Holmes, who is dearly missed as we gather to give thanks, devoted his entire adult to engineering sound. He believed one of the most important gifts to give is that of being heard. Whether in post-World War II Japan, pre-Soviet invasion/Taliban Afghanistan, or in a pew in a local church, Dad wanted people to hear and be heard.

    As we hurl into the holiday season with a world swirling in chaos, this might be our one little chance to be heard. When I asked Mr. PQ what he wanted to say, his reply was simple. "Tell them how deeply we appreciate the craftsmen and women that strive tirelessly to bring beauty and art to our little corner of the world." As the violent people of the world sign their actions with a wicked flourish, we are thankful for the quiet pride in loving your friends and family, putting in an honest day's work, stewarding what's been given to you and valuing the art and beauty that is conveyed by our craftsman's signature.

  • iPad Pro, still deciding

    The Contega folio case for iPad pro

    Mr. PQ is good to me, I think.  I arrived home last week to find a brand new Apple iPad Pro propped cozily in our new bookbindery Contega iPad Pro case.  Mr. PQ knows how I love a good book, the more vintage the better.  So, there it was, the iPP(iPad Pro) in all its shining metal and glassy glory.  It was big, but this didn’t surprise me, I’d watched the Apple bigwig presentation on a big screen.  It had four, stereo speakers, at least that is what my 17 year old told me; something about left/right differentiation and sound perception and that did impress me.  It has a multitasking and split keyboard feature; neither my hands nor brain work this way so I have no comment.  

    As most people are aware, I am a very reticent early adopter and generally ascribe to Stockholm Syndrom any technical insight I might stumble upon.  Which is why when it came to making our a case for my iPad Pro I rely on our CNC design engineer to create a Baltic Birch frame, that, in spite of its streamline look and feel,  is as durable and beautiful as all of it’s predecessors.  Chris Stapleton never sounded so good!  (the Country Music Awards notwithstanding).  

    From there, Bruce in St. Paul, took over and crafted a stately and durable cover of Buckram Linen with a delightfully grippy internal surface that enables multiple propping positions as well as a surface to grip the otherwise greased pig like surface of iPP metal.   And yes, it holds the Apple Pencil nicely which is great because at a C-note per pop, the Pencil is not nearly so expendable as the various nubs and stubs that litter the bottom of my backpack.

    For you luxury leather aficionados, our craft partners in Leon have designed a Valet Bag that is far too versatile to define as a sleeve.  It props, it protects and it holds Apple’s  Smart Keyboard and iPencil.  This Valet Bag might easily be one of my favorite of the iPad cases we have produced.

    Finally, for those living the ironic life of being a minimalist in an iPad Pro world, we have crafted the Oxford luxury leather iPad Pro case.  American herdsmen produce great steers which explains why the Oxford folio case for iPad Pro can be crafted from a single piece of full grain bridle quality saddle leather.  The durability of leather combined with parachute grade thread used for stitching illustrates why we have no problem offering a 25-year warranty on all of our leather iPhone and iPad cases. 

    While I took possession of my iPad Pro a week ago, the jury is still out regarding whether I will weave it into my lifestyle or gift it to one of our many hard working employees.  At any rate, I’ll likely need to lock myself in my bathroom to actually have a go at iP Pro.

    Kari (Mrs PQ)

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